Destiny will be listening to the first 3 hours of the…

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Destiny will be listening to the first 3 hours of the Discord call “in a little bit”. AKA FINAL NUKE INC

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  1. I mean either X or Train gave this to Destiny.. they wouldn’t be dumb enough to give it to him if it contained nothing at all, right guys? Right?

  2. Destiny alluded this earlier in the stream and also said that “whoever” leaks this to him should not expect him to side with them depending on what he hears!

  3. State your predictions here:

    Edit: You’d have to imagine that they would assume the call would be leaked, so it might not be as crazy as y’all think.

  4. The best part is that Twitch streamers can’t watch/listen to it live while streaming themselves or they’ll get banned.

    Well, the best part other than the content itself.

  5. I wonder why the leak is happening now? what has changed in the last 20 something hours?

    Mitch going live at Mizkif’s house is the only thing i can think of that has changed the narrative (not a big change really).

  6. OK in my stupid humble opinion, to predict what the 5hour call would be it’s pretty much like this:

    Mizkif: “You lied. Delete the tweet.”

    Train: “I Helped the victim, i will not delete the Tweet, i helped her”.

    Mizkif: “And called me out for blackmailing! I did not blackmail!! This is a straight up lie and destroys my reputation.”

    Train: “I will not delete the tweet. It helped”.

    Mizkif:” Delete it, or i’m gonna sue.”

    Train: “It’s up to interpretation if it was blackmail, i will not delete”.

    Pretty much this for like 5 hours.

  7. bro I keep watching this sub to see something crazy happen

    so far it’s just redditors blowing everything out of proportion

  8. Curious as to what numbers Destiny is about to reach. He already was getting heightened viewership. Is all of LSF about to tune into his stream?