Destiny upset at xQc and Train for accusing him of drama…

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Destiny upset at xQc and Train for accusing him of drama farming LSF

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  1. Destiny: Hey what you guys did was a little confusing, maybe having more context prepared would have helped.


  2. Destiny has been as lenient and fair as you can realistically be towards Train and X and they are *still* this triggered, holy shit.

  3. Train: “You get more from people who don’t like us than the people who do.”

    Man it’s almost like more people may dislike you than like you. Court of public opinion can be a bitch when you’re on the wrong side of it.

  4. Train and X mad that Destiny is trying to be the voice of reason between their fuckery because they’d rather bury their heads further in the sand, being stubborn and ignorant.

  5. Ehhh, IDK about that Train, I mean he is 100% drama farming but you’re arguing he “gains more” from people who dislike you (Train/XWC) & that the people that stick around are people who dislike you, but the people who agree with you (train/XQC) Destiny can’t even bring over in the first place?

  6. I thought Destiny was being charitable to all sides during this entire thing (while farming yes obviously, welcome to twitch/YT). He wasn’t even saying they were bad or maliciously using it as an ace up their sleeve. All he said was it isn’t crazy some people could perceive it that way, but they couldn’t understand for whatever reason

  7. They’ve been calling people out for days, yet everyone else is drama farming lol. Drama farming is just something that Destiny has done for years they only have a problem with it now because they are the ones being milked.

  8. Why is train so scared of destiny wanting evidence? Wanting more clarity?

    If trains is so confident in his truth surely giving evidence would be no problem to him ?

  9. Destiny has been trying to get the truth out of everyone while simultaneously obviously milking the drama as well. He IS trying to be objective because he knows uncovering the truth behind all this shitstorm is what the people want.

    He’s just not throwing away his morals and ignoring the truth and just sucking up to 2 big names for views so it doesn’t matter, he can farm this all he wants he’s providing us good content.

  10. Lmao they’re so paranoid, I feel like X and train don’t understand the concept of

    “if everywhere you go smells like shit, then look under your own shoe”

    Bros just straight up saying that everyone is against him while being literally the #1 streamer, homie needs therapy

  11. Destiny had the kid-gloves on the entire time, I honestly think he probably disagrees with train and X but doesn’t want to burn the bridge.

  12. I like how both destiny and hasan have the same reaction when xqc goes off on them. They both ask him if he’s good and xqc has said the same thing both times

  13. isn’t this the same shit they are doing… Then they are in the same call with destiny… wtf this makes zero sense. If you don’t wanna farm drama why talk to destiny. If they didn’t want to farm any more drama all train and xqc have to do is stop making twitter comments. stop addressing the parasocial drama….

    It looked like xqc and train wanted a neutral arbiter on youtube to help out their position but it isn’t planning out their way so they start accusing destiny of being a drama farmer to discredit him lol.

  14. My favourite part was when xQc said “uwaosutleajgieanfiearieahrioeanremorhtuejfuckeriueroensgtiwosgmeiosnifesmopfm. wiisuusuasuusuiasouauoiss. FUCK you”

  15. There not wrong but definitely the pot calling the kettle black here. Goddamn what was that about glass houses train?

  16. Train and xQc malding at anyone who criticizes anything they do no matter how small the criticism. Train: “No I don’t want yes-men.” Surely.

  17. xQc really has not been looking good recently huh? Train I kind of expect it from, but xQc…in these situations, I have to wonder if he’s alright mentally or if there’s a lot of stuff going on? Because some of these responses are actually brain dead takes by him that I can’t believe anyone who isn’t going through some serious mental shit would say.

  18. The funniest part is when they accused destiny of trying to get pokimane’s audience

    destiny…the guy who hangs out with nazi leader white supremacists and spends his free time arguing about incest, racism and genocide….appealing to pokimanes audience?



  19. But he is drama farming. But so is xqc and so is trainwreck.

    It’s none of their fucking business either of them and yet they are involved?


    Drama farming.

    They are all acting like a bunch of school kids tbh

  20. we are getting closer to the part of the lore when Barry74 goes live leaking it all then saying the nword one last time to get finally permabanned forever.

  21. I mean, let’s be honest this ‘drama’ is a situation that has nothing to do with politics on a platform Destiny isn’t even on. He is absolutely farming it.

    Doesn’t mean he is wrong calling out Train and XQC though.

  22. is X bi-polar or something? like who just vomits that many insults at someone and then goes “yea i’m fine wudyumean”

  23. Hey I mean I don’t like any of these streamers, but come on, X and Train are talking all the BS they want but both of them covered SA and Train weaponized it against Miz, clearly they both don’t know shit about how serious this is lol

  24. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after the big call the other day there were 2 clips on this subreddit of Adrianna, the actual victim here, talking about herself and what the SA did to her, and 6 clips of Hasan saying gusano isn’t a racial slur (it isn’t, btw)