Destiny pulls up Hasan’s old videos after reading his…

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Destiny pulls up Hasan’s old videos after reading his Discord messages

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  1. These videos of Hasan, those DM’s of Mizkif, Train’s DM’s to Allinity. We’re playing all the hits this week. All that’s missing is xQc’s OWL drama.

  2. I don’t know why any streamer would bring up another streamers past clips…Destiny was no saint and has been on Twitch for a long time and there’s definitely clips out there that don’t put him in the best light..

  3. I dont even like Hasan but if these are the worst videos you can find of someone then that guy must be pretty clean

  4. He’s pretty open about how transphobic he was and how because he knows how dude bros that have issues with transphobia think he feels he can connect better to them and show them why it’s a toxic mindset. Idk what the point of this is given even a little bit of context.

  5. How is this news lmao.

    He’s been very open about how transphobic he was and almost like 98% of people who where transphobic in the past mainly due to a lack of understanding.

  6. Do people in here not realize these clips weren’t secret at all I’m surprised there’s a good amount of people here who haven’t seen any of this. He’s mentioned being transphobic in the past many times on stream and even played the Lady Gaga clip before.

  7. This is like train using SA, destiny is sitting on a glass house. I don’t think what he was doing at that time and even longer tbh can even be shown on twitch.

  8. Considering Destiny can’t watch clips of himself from like 2 years ago because he’s a constantly evolving enlightened being, I don’t think this is the game he wants to play.

    Especially since even this year he made a joke about fucking a 10 year old. (yes I’m aware this is his #1 Twitter simp he’s replying to) If edgy jokes are fair game, yada yada

  9. Man atp just cancel Xqc for homophobia and toxicity back in his OW days if we’re doing this rn. Go full scorch earth

  10. Dude can someone pls tell me why destiny is obsessed with basan? I watch hasan usually on the daily and never do I hear literally anything about Destiny. Even during this entireee drama. I haven’t heard a word. Pls give me context here.

  11. Never saw those before such pure cringe is hard to come by. Obviously this doesn’t really do anything to hasan because it was long ago but it’s pretty funny to laugh at.