1. Destiny slept with me, and I’m tired of bottling it up.

  2. I know for a fact that Destiny pulled some truly despicable, deceptive business practice on unsuspecting customers, lying about his location and whereabouts. [There’s video evidence.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgO2Wm50Cvs)

  3. So this confirms Rekful had dirt on Destiny right?

  4. Destiny cut the brake lines on my grandmas car. Destiny is also a girls name

  5. Destiny got his racist, bigoted phase out of his system a decade ago before people really cared. Even so, he was kicked off 2 StarCraft teams because of it, but that’s small fry in comparison to a modern era cancellation.

  6. We are talking about a guy permabanned on Twitch right?

  7. I doubt nbc would care, unless it’s some realy fucked up shit

  8. Didn’t Destiny get in trouble for getting blackout drunk and groping some girl live on Justin.tv, way way back in the early SC2 days? I remember CatZ being a bro and stopping him/saving his career, and there was a big drama thread on Team Liquid about it. Did that actually happen or am I misremembering?

  9. Idk why this made me think of this but I really want a Destiny fan to make this meme now.

    I think a re-subtitle of the scene where Tyrion(Destiny) gives advice to John Snow(Train) would be brilliant. You wouldn’t even need to change their faces!

  10. It’s because Destiny is uncancelable. No other streamer could get away with watching Jon Zherka to fuck their gf. If that had happened to Ludwig XQC or Hasan they would’ve got so much shit.

  11. Banned on almost all platforms is hardly surviving

  12. well he did get kicked off twitch and was forced to make his own chat platform to monetize his streams

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