Destiny defends Train’s POV and validates his intent

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Destiny defends Train’s POV and validates his intent

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622 shares, 844 points


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  1. I think xQc and Train truly did care about Adrianah getting her side out.

    I also think Train was happy to use it as a cudgel in a strange way.

    I also think Train/xQc were glad that Hasan/Poki got roped into it cause…obviously. We saw that clip.

    Lots of layers to this and no one is looking like a saint in this call to me.

  2. the tough part about this Drama is that these people have such a bad way at expressing their thoughts that its hard to believe anything lmao

  3. This point is extremely important. Train explaining in this call that he held back on using this as ammunition until she was ready, prior to accusations/backlash, blatantly disapproves the speculation I have seen that Train/Adrianna colluded to say she gave him permission and that he acted in bad faith by tweeting.

  4. So if it was a weapon for diverting gambling attention, won’t train drop it last year when the gamba ban was at it’s highest peak and caused twitch to remove affiliation codes, when they could have banned gambling aswel?

  5. Where’s that redditor that kept spamming about Train and X weaponizing in every post earlier?

    Canary or something

  6. Aside from their weird vendetta against Poki and Hasan, X and Train just scored massive PR points from this call I’d say, Asmon is also absolutely on point throughout the call.

  7. Xqc and train actually threw so hard because they probably heard the hasan stuff from Adrianah and thought it was a chance to get their revenge over the call outs. They would have had an easy W. It actually lines up so well because its why xqc came on live guns blazing because he came from this call and heard that call out.

  8. Train giving a lot of awards to this post…

    But seriously for once Train didn’t act like a piece of shit and this clip proves it

  9. Im taking crazy pills this is just consistent with what Train has said about Adrianah being okay with him sharing her story, which everyone already agreed was correct because she said so.

    He still weaponized it in a twitter argument I don’t get how this changes that.

  10. As an EU frog waking up to all of this, it’s crazy. X and Train shouldn’t have gone after poki and hasan the way they did cos it made ppl question their intentions and I saw more discussion about the four of them than Slick himself. Also xqc desperately needs to stop dickriding train.