DESERT HOTEL seed -7540203847849025649

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+733 – DESERT HOTEL seed -7540203847849025649

2022-08-05 22:35:41

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482 shares, 830 points


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  1. I’ve never seen 3 towers like this before, so I thought it would be cool to share. Pretty close to spawn with a blacksmith (loot: 5 Obsidian, 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Iron Boots, Bread) Coords 300 63 -200

  2. Seed: -7540203847849025649

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  3. three desert village towers with that one resident at the bottom, right?

    I’ve tried making 3-4 story apartments for the villagers in survival and they tend to struggle with pathfinding to the upper floors, so 2-story buildings is the practical limit. Can’t imagine Mojang coding in larger apartment buildings without improving the AI first, which I wish they would have done long ago.