Delta flights attendants race to unionize: ‘We’re the people…

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+4530 – Delta flights attendants race to unionize: ‘We’re the people behind the profits’

2022-08-06 12:02:04

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  1. Just flew delta yesterday. Great experience. The lady at check in was super pleasant. The flight attendants were great, very accommodating, got my daughter extra Sun chips. They were cracking jokes over the intercom. Two thumbs up. Hope they get what they deserve.

  2. Jesus— I had no idea the Delta had lobbied to get any non-votes in a union election to count as no votes until I read that article. That’s absurd!

  3. Good. The pilots are unionized but they’re already dealing with 3 years of hell from corporate for not negotiating a new deal. Ridiculous. And their new VP of Op is the first guy in the position that’s never been a pilot. Even the good companies are being dragged down by investor choices.

  4. I’m loving the clawback of corporate profits theme. I’d like to see the working class take them for all they have.

  5. About @&@$in time. May all of the flight attendants and airport workers of the world follow suit in rapid succession.

  6. I wish them the best. I really do. I just feel bad for the person with the really unique name thinking just giving her first name will offer some kind of protection. They’ll definitely retaliate and that’s sad. These companies need to pay

  7. I try to Southwest for personal travel, whenever I can.

    For business, I flew whatever they decided, as long as they payed for everything.

    I was spoiled to do most of my flying when you didn’t pay separate fees for luggage, etc. Flew a lot of Delta flights to Germany when my parents lived overseas.

  8. I’ve been flying Delta since I was a child and they’ve always been great. Awesome move, the staff deserves this.

  9. Nothing the government hates more than Air related unions. They will try to smash this nail back down.

  10. When I lived in Atlanta I briefly dated a lady who worked HR for Delta. She said what made Delta the best airline was their ability to keep unions out of their operations. I wasn’t as pro-union then as I am now, but it has definitely bugged me that she would brag about something like that.

  11. I don’t know if “race” is the right word.

    There have been multiple attempts to unionize DAL flight attendants. Now, some might blame company pressure or propaganda, but this is a highly unionized industry, and their competitors are unionized at UAL and AA as well as smaller airlines, so the whole “company misinfo” isn’t going to play such a large factor. From experience, the chief enemies of unionization in the DAL FA crowd: #1 Apathy. People don’t take this job home with them. They don’t want to deal with union stuff coming at them on their off time. They don’t vote. #2 Go-getters. There are a significant amount of FAs that want to work their asses off and have carved out a niche for themselves at their seniority. A union imposing seniority and work rules could fuck up that niche and not let the go-getters stack up trips they way they have been. #3 It’s not bad without a union until it’s bad. DAL treats their FA’s ok when things are fine. But if things go wrong, some incident happens, or their schedules fall apart, FAs are suddenly at the mercy of the company’s whims. #5 unions charge dues. Money coming out of your pocket can affect decision making.

  12. Umm, is Shemeka a really common name in Atlanta? Just wondering as they withheld surnames to prevent identity buuut…

  13. When Delta merged with Northwest Airlines, they convinced the legacy NWA employees to disband the union. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost.

  14. I prefer to fly Delta because of their people. Never had a bad experience at their hands. I hope they succeed!!

  15. Technically Delta Airlines doesn’t make money, the skymiles program does as ridiculous as that sounds.

  16. They need to unionize all of the frontline workers. They are all the “people behind the profits”. Sadly the pay and conditions at unionized airlines are not much different though.

    Then there is the huge issue with Alaska airlines who fired their entire ramp staff and replaced them with low pay contract workers.

  17. They’re right. The people at the desk, gate, and on the plane are the ones who make or break my experience. They deserve way more than they get.

  18. They need to be paid a generous salary with profit shares. Not hourly, and certainly none of this paid, “only when the doors are closed” nonsense.

  19. damn right they are. attendants, pilots, and maintenance are all the people behind the profits at airlines.

  20. I don’t care if you unionize or not, but how about this…completely cut all the dumb shit airlines offer. Example: No meals, snacks, drinks, etc., on domestic flights in the US. That way you don’t need so many flight attendants and you can make the goddamn tickets more affordable.

  21. I flew recently and a lady with a neck brace asked a flight attendant for help putting her bags in the overhead. The attendant responded by saying, “oh you can just ask nicely for a strong gentleman [passenger] to help you”

    Flight attendants… what do they even do? 😂