Death toll rises as unrest spreads through Iran over woman’s…

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Death toll rises as unrest spreads through Iran over woman’s death

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  1. Nothing will change as long as religion is the authority in that country. These protesters will fight and scream and make some noise, then get hunted down by the government one by one over months. It really is a terrible situation.

  2. As is always the case, media will say it’s “over woman’s death”, but it’s not – that’s just the trigger. Unrest of this sort is the result of years – or decades, or more – of mistreatment and pent-up frustration.

    Do you think Mahsa Amini is the only Iranian woman to suffer abuse and death at the hands of the morality police? Or, to put it closer at hand for those of us in the US, do you think the 2020 George Floyd protests were about the death of *one* man? No. These tragedies are just the highly publicised events that serve as triggers, matches in these powder keg.

    Most of us, I think, understand this. Yet media keeps attributing the protests and unrest and violence to an individual event. (At least in their article titles.) Rarely are they willing to attribute it to the larger, systemic issues, of which the triggering tragedy – the deaths of people like Mahsa Amini – are just one well-known example.

  3. Idk why this isnt being shared around more, yes lots going on in the world, and there have been protests in Iran as well before this, though there seems to be something different about this one, it seems the general public has finally had enough. I dont think Iran would immediately revert back to a progressive country, but some serious change seems in order

  4. I hope the persian side of Iran really starts to shine through after these protests, this Islamic government destroyed persian culture

  5. And, the so called “Christian” people here in the USA are kinda steering in the same direction. Religious beliefs over fair laws, separation of church and state.

  6. Tragedies like this should make Westerners feel gratitude every day for the freedoms they inherited from the sacrifices made by their ancestors.

  7. Dictatorial governments will maintain their power until their soldiers start saying no. The moment soldiers are ordered to fire into crowds and they say no- the state has fallen.

  8. I find it amusing that while Iran tries its best to convince the Iranian people that America and the West are their greatest threat, in the past 2 years America has only killed one Iranian of note – General Qassem Pico De Gallo. Meanwhile, since 2 days ago, the Iranian regime has killed at least 30 Iranians.

    Score: Democracy – 1. Theocratic Dictatorship? 0.

  9. Man I think Iranians are like the coolest people. Not afraid to stand up to their oppressors, being able to stay fairly socially moderate despite having islamist regime in control for like 50 years. Also apparently the friendliest and most hospitable people when you visit their country.

  10. I wish everyone who got angry at me for calling Russians cowards would see this
    This is what I expect the Russian people to do

  11. These countries cannot change because the bedrock in their culture and politics is religion. They need to detach themselves from Islam, or at the bare minimum take it way less seriously like other civilized Middle Eastern countries.

    If they’re unwilling to change such a fundamental part of their culture, then all of this was for nothing. It will all go back to “normal” in a few weeks.

  12. I want a cool youtube video with insight into the Iranian unrest and talking in impassioned tones about the significance of what’s going on there, like what people make about the Chinese economy collapsing or Ukraine and Russia. But instead Iran’s at the only-CNN-style-videos-repeating-flatly-reported-facts-coming-up-in-my-algorithm stage of the news cycle development trajectory.

  13. sooooooo…war crime tribunal when? oh wait there never will be unless russia loses in a major war. isnt politics fun? no? well fuck you than because democracy only means that the top % decides how the people that vote should be treated