David Beckham on Instagram: “30 years ago today.. special…

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David Beckham on Instagram: “30 years ago today.. special day, special memories, special club.. thank you @manchesterunited ❤️”

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  1. I don’t think it’s possible to overstate how important David Beckham was to making Manchester United a global brand and making football a widely watched game in North America.

    Before 1992-1995, the majority of people watching high level soccer in NA were immigrant communities like Italians and Greeks. Serie A was the best league, and the most followed teams were Inter, Juve and Milan. Hardly anyone watched the fledgling Prem.

    When Beckham arrived, everything changed. United became a world wide entity, and the Prem quickly overtook Serie A. His fame transcended the game and, only Ronaldo and Messi have really matched it since. He’s still regularly a default answer if you ask an American or a Canadian to “name a soccer player” for those over 35 or so.

    Beckham’s time at United is still impacting how much we can spend today.

    Not to mention, he was also instrumental in legitimizing MLS as a league for its home continent. Every other professional league before MLS was regarded as a bush league..

    And honestly, I think he was extremely underrated. Casuals call him a crossing / set piece merchant. Firstly, that’s like 30% of the game, so why would it be a problem. No one thinks its a problem when a player is really good at any other phase of the game – poaching / finishing, goal keeping, tackling, etc. But he was always more than that. My favorite part of his game, after the crosses and free kicks, was his defensive work rate. Go back and watch those old 1990s games, he’s regularly tracking back to his own touchline.

  2. Still such an underrated footballer. Feels like just because he’s good looking and had alot of different hairstyles he was never seen as the true great footballer he was. Beckham ran like a motherfucker and worked his ass off. He was great in alot of aspects of the game and could even be in the talks for best in the world at a certain time.

  3. Just started watching united can anyone tell me how good beckham was

    I saw a youtube video about him from raymar football in which he quoted thiery henry saying “beckham was a big game player n delivered when his team needed him the most”

    He had insane workrate, pinpoint crosses, deadball specialist and he is the reason why english youth players r hyped up so much as beckham was the first one to be hyped up n he lived up to his expectations.