Danny Trejo to Star as Ferdinand Magellan in ‘1521’…

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+14397 – Danny Trejo to Star as Ferdinand Magellan in ‘1521’ Philippines-Set Historical Actioner

2022-08-06 01:41:39

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  1. Details:

    >“1521” is a U.S.-Philippines production that follows the journey of Magellan, who led the Spanish expedition and was one of the first Europeans to travel to Asia. He reached the archipelago that is known as Philippines today on March 16, 1521.

    >Joining Trejo in the cast is Michael Copon (“One Tree Hill,” “Power Rangers,” “Scorpion King 2”). He will play the role of Datu Lapu-lapu, an island ruler and leader of the warriors who fended off Magellan’s attempted colonization of the Philippine archipelago. Magellan’s forces were defeated and the Portuguese explorer killed in the Battle of Mactan on April 27, 1521.

  2. Oh my fucking god…. when I saw “News” followed by “Danny Trejo” I thought the next bit was going to be something tragic…. thank fuck!

  3. Rodrigo Santoro portrayed an amazingly good Magellan in Sin Limites (IMO, of course).

    I love Danny Trejo, but this is an horrible miscast.

  4. Magellan was a white European, Trejo looks more mixed Euro/Native like a lot of Chicanos.

    I don’t get how casting didn’t see this? It seems as though all film studios from Hollywood to the Philippines shrug their shoulders at accuracy.

  5. What a terrible casting. Danny Trejo looks nothing, nothing like what a Portuguese at the time would. Also, how does the actor for lapu-lapu looks whiter than Magellan.

    I’m happy we got Silence as a historical movie depicting portuguese naval history. That was a good one with good actors.

    I guess this one is going to fail.

  6. Michael Copon is half Filipino and the true story of Magellan and Lapu Lapu is sick. This could be really good. Please let it be really good.

  7. How they gonna get a dude who was 78 to play Magellan? Who died at 41. The highest life expectancy in 1500 was 69 to 74
    That’s the highest… seems like they just wanted a Danny trejo movie

  8. I love Danny but this is a really odd choice. Joaquim de Almeida or even Louis Ferreira come to mind.

  9. I love Danny Trejo but this is ridiculously bad casting. Trejo is Mexican mixed race and Magellan was a white European. Not to mention Magellan was fucking *half* Trejo’s current age when he was killed. I mean just downright terrible

  10. People do realize that he is a c level actor, right? All of his movies are basically Asylum productions by now. So this 1521 is gonna be shit as fuck.

  11. This casting alone makes me think that this movie will end up as one of those cookie-cutter inaccurate “historical” films. Hollywood should seriously stop making shit like this.

  12. In 1994, the Portuguese actor Joaquim de Almeida played Mexican drug lord El Bucho in Desperado. In 2022, Mexicanactor Danny Treho is going to play Portuguese sailor Magellan. We’ve finally gone full circle.