Czech govt. to NHL: Don’t bring Russian players.

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Czech govt. to NHL: Don’t bring Russian players.

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582 shares, 840 points


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  1. I think there’s only two players on both teams going to Prague, which is Evgeny Svechnikov and Yakov Trenin.
    Edit: also Barabanov, who I forgot about.

  2. However, if some players want to leave Russia in a rather “quiet and unnoticeable” way, that’s ok.

    Not to say anyone would ever do that…but it’s totally cool…but would never happen…nope.

  3. This is how sanctions work. Get enough Russians pissed off with the negative impacts from the Ukraine situation on their own personal lives that they instigate the desired foreign policy (or political) changes.

  4. I don’t get why people would support this but simultaneously freak out when a player can’t leave Russia and has to go to war instead.

  5. The league should just bring the games back home – wonder how NHLPA is going to react to it. This is a horrible precedent to set – also NHL never really cared for (war) crime. They literally played in China not too long ago while they were going full steam ahead with the “re-education” camps.

    If the country rules are going to affect the on ice product, then they really are not a suitable host – and no this is not the same as COVID vaccine situation.

  6. I don’t support the blanket ban on granting and renewing visas that has been in effect since early March because I know that a lot of the Russians here helped Ukrainians in the early days, I had a couple Russian classmates, nice people etc. etc. I don’t want them out of the country but ice hockey players living in America on a nice salary aren’t really hurt by this so at least they are enforcing it fairly I guess. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Good on the Czechs for standing up about this.
    And honestly, those are nothing players (relatively speaking) so it doesn’t really affect the teams in question, IMO.

  8. This is fucking absurd. Imagine if we applied this standard to American players. Should they be forced to answer for any of the war crimes the US has committed over the last 20 years? Of course not.

  9. Isn’t this their right. It is not that long ago USA had a blanket ban on quite a few muslim countries. Sovereign nations.

  10. it’s disappointing to see the amount of people who support this

    Russians citizens are not responsible for the war crimes of Russian government

    why do they deserve to be punished for something they can’t control. Most people wouldn’t accept the same standard for them

  11. How is this not racism though? If they said “ok but no black people” people would be up in arms.

    These hockey players don’t have anything to do with the war, directly do they?