Cyberpunk 2077 achieves massive success with 1 million+…

682 shares, 850 points

Cyberpunk 2077 achieves massive success with 1 million+ playerbase

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682 shares, 850 points


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  1. That Edgerunners boost really bringing the game back to life, also helps that they patched the game up a lot. Heck I want to play just to beat the shit out of Adam Smasher.

  2. I started to get into it. So far the story, characters, vibe, and world building are topnotch. I just wish the gameplay didn’t feel too rigid and stiff. Idk, it just isn’t as fun as I was hoping it to be.
    The anime is fkn good too.

  3. It’s a very good game in its current state. It should have never been released on last gen consoles, that was the biggest mistake.

  4. Just finished it, love the ambiance and setup but the gameplay feels basically unfinished. Last mission was meh , crafting is useless and the 3 paths are a joke. The Netflix serie is 10/10 and I want more of this game, hope the dlc will bring nice content.

  5. how is it compared to 1.0? I played at launch on pc and the final mission bugged my entire save file and was never able to finish it, and haven’t booted it up since. Been wanted to try it again and now seems like a good time but idk?

  6. I was one of those who got fooled by CDPR about the state of the game on PS4 and bought it. After being disappointed, I did not play the game again but did not sell my physical copy hoping that they will fix everything. I got a PS5 last year and the recent ps5 upgrade renewed my faith in this game. I played it again and was having a blast! It wasn’t perfect, but most of the issues at the launch were fixed. They should’ve held off releasing the game at that state and waited for a proper next-gen launch. It would’ve been the biggest game of the year alongside the blockbusters this year.

  7. Amazing that it took an Anime that follows the rpg books to the T unlike the video game to make it hit more than 30k. Now make the game like the RPG books.

  8. I’ve owned it since launch tried it a bit and was too buggy, I just started it again this week after watching the anime which was awesome and gave me akira vibes

  9. But its still as empty as it was at release. They’ve spent all this time fixing the bugs and gameplay overall. Byt the promised content still isn’t there. And people still seem to forget this, and only focus on the bugs.

  10. So last Saturday night, my boy watched the anime and was inspired to play. Said the game was actually playable and was good now.

    I watched the first episode of the anime and enjoyed it. Figured I would try the game again and after installing a ton of updates (I bought the game on release day and stopped playing immediately) was pleasantly surprised to find AN ACTUAL GOOD GAME!

    Upgraded to the PS5 version and that’s even better. I spend most of my free time playing it now.

  11. Cdpr deserved all the criticism they got cause of the game’s launch but I love a good redemption story. Hope that continues with next year’s DLC.

  12. has there been any gameplay or story changes since launch? i played this back in dec 2020 and it was an ok game then at best

  13. I’ll get back…soon

    Last I played was February and I dread trying to remember the controls. we really need a welcome back tutorial on every game.

  14. I finally played it from start to finish with v1.6 and the game is very stable with some minor bugs (I’m on pc).

    That said, the story starts off strong but never takes off. I found it very boring and repetitive and felt zero attachment to any of the characters in the end.

  15. I maintain, a few now-minor graphics things aside, driving round the city is pretty good, it’s actually very impressive, the world they were able to build, but I sort of hate the quests and especially the main quest I think is very boring. More sentient guns you find in alleys and taxi’s with rogue AI and less “kill mobster, take item” could have been useful. I wish the starting class actually altered the game as well as it was clearly intended to, it’s sort of a tragedy how you can see the effort and you can see what it was meant to be, but it’s just all very shallow.

  16. I’m happy for the dev team, but I just hope the higher ups have learnt their lessons and don’t take this as a sign they can get away with doing the same thing again.

  17. And thus it was confirmed, an incomplete game can in fact be redeemed while still being incomplete and the industry sees this and realizes they just need a Netflix special for their broken game, smh, cyberpunk was cool but damn this standard needs to die

  18. I get that they’ve fixed the bugs and that’s great but I’m still not convinced by the game. I think people forget that when the game was released, some of the main complaints were to do with the actual gameplay, not the bugs and somehow everyone has forgotten about that now…

  19. Ah yes I’m playing it now. Iiking it a lot but I can’t help but never forget “We made Witcher 3 it’ll workout”

  20. Still, after all the updates I still think it’s a shit game. CD Projekt could have done so much better considering the state of past releases.

  21. Just beat it.

    Really excellent character moments, great lore.

    The city design, as in the physical layout of buildings and such, is also great.

    The sandbox is absolute trash. There’s just nothing to do.

    The city’s NPCs are mostly lifeless and you often see many clones.

    The combat is pretty okay, but there’s not enough of it imo. I like the skill tree options, some unique perks to choose from to make your own build, but it just seems like the game doesn’t take advantage by giving you enough scenarios to really push your build.

    I kind of hate the inventory system.

    The main missions are all good but the game is WAY too easy, even on the hardest difficulty.

    The yellow side quests are all pretty good.
    The blue gigs are mostly boring.

    Really good OST, but the radio options in your car are terrible and there’s no excuse for it.

    Overall…it’s a pretty OK game.

    Lots of people are playing after watching Edgerunners and they’ll be disappointed that the game is a very superficial and shallow take on what the anime gave us.

  22. Uhh looking at this new patch is still not enough. A few bug fixes, missions, and weapons are not what I want. I want all that pre release hyped shit with dense crowds, a living city full of things to do, and robust customization and roleplaying.

    We got a good action game with passable story, mediocre gameplay, and one of the least interesting open workds ever made. So pretty, but so empty and missing features. I really do not think they can save their reputation with this game since they put the bar too high.

  23. I’m gonna be honest I just refunded the game. I was excited to play it after the anime but the very first actual mission I had an invisible gun and then when a gunfight happened I kept lagging so much.

  24. I’m close to platinuming the game and I like it but in reality it’s just an above average open world rpg, and if you remove Keanu Reeves’ performance as Johnny Sliverhand the rest of the story isn’t anything special either.

    The combats decent but I can’t help but imagine the possibilities this game could of explored if they had more cybernetics giving more abilities, plus I noticed there just isn’t really enough of combat in the game. It seems every mission that isn’t a main mission might only have 5 or 6 enemies.

    And the driving is by far the worst.

  25. I just finished it today. Got it for $20 after playing the free trial on PS Plus Premium I think. Absolute masterpiece. There are certainly some issues but I’ve never played a game world that felt so alive. Story, and all the gameplay elements that matter were amazingly well done.

  26. Tldr: Anime made people reinstall a game to play a bit, only to realize nothing has changed and the anime is better than what it’s based on