Cut your losses early

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+1228 – Cut your losses early

2022-08-05 22:02:45

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  1. God, this was me 2 months ago. I had a shit job I rushed into after a move because I wanted some income against the advice of my wife. Day 1 was just a complete disaster and I got bad vibes immediately. Every day I came home I was non stop bitching to my wife.

    “The vibes are bad.”

    “It’s just a feeling.”

    “There’s so many red flags.”

    I stayed awake at night dreading going in. I quit 8 days after starting with no notice right before the busiest time of the year via a midnight e-mail. Was a simple:

    >Please accept this as formal notice of my immediate resignation from (position) at (company).

    Not my fucking problem. They called the next day, left a few messages, sent a few e-mails. I didn’t answer any of them. When it’s off, you just know and you don’t owe them any explanation.

  2. Yeah this sounds very much like how my first 3 days working at Burger King when I was 17 were. The main manager was an asshole but I rarely saw him so that was no problem.. the everyday supervisor though was a serious bitch. The vibes were all bad, but I was young and wanted to work. I had worked 6 hours with no break, so I asked for one.. big mistake. She acted as though I wasn’t entitled to one and gave me a lot of lip service. People – all I did was ask could I take my break.. I didn’t ask for the year off.

    When I took my break, I went to the park and sat down and asked myself this: “If I have to fight for my breaks is this the kind of job I want to make a career out of?” My answer: I got up and went home and never went back. They called asking for my uniform and I had my mom take it to them. I would go on to work 18 yrs for the Kroger Co. They would work the shit out of me but I had my breaks and lunches.

  3. Improve your vibes man.

    I recommend increasing pay, that’s prolly the best way to improve vibes. People are way more vibey when they aren’t worried about paying for food

  4. That’s GenZ for “holy shit everybody here is clearly miserable, I’m not emotionally investing in this pit”

  5. Listen to your gut. When you know you know… Sometimes you don’t even need your gut and it’s right in front of your face.

  6. If I’d listened to my inner voice that screamed this at me years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache

  7. Work on your fucking vibes then instead of complaining about someone who picked up on all the damn red flags in one day at your business.

  8. Total respect!

    Took me months to figure out my workplace is a toxic shithole. Wish I had the ability to figure that out after one meeting.

  9. Wish it hadn’t taken like five jobs’ worth of ignoring the vibes and my gut to figure out how to do this for myself (nor all the resulting PTSD and other physical/mental issues) but damn don’t it feel good to have that “oh HEEELLLL naw!” energy kick in at the first whiff of bullshit nowadays!

  10. My friend did this recently. She was waiting for her job interview and a group of employees were arguing at reception. Terrible atmosphere so she upped and left before she got called.