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  1. Honestly that would be a way to let them know to quiet down without straight up saying “hey I hear you fucking at night”

  2. Guys try to last as long as possible for themselves, right? Unless the woman can orgasm vaginally (most can’t), she probably wants you to finish as quickly as possible. It just starts getting uncomfortable after a couple minutes.

  3. Even better would be to establish the trend, then say it once while he’d been out of town.. stir the drama! Toxicity!!

  4. I’ve overheard or caught my parents going at it more times than I’m comfortable with. It used to gross me out. Then, I bought them a can of WD-40 for their anniversary. My mom gasped and my dad started cracking up.
    47 years married and still in love.

  5. My parents are deceased. I wish I could hear my parents just once more. Even if it was them having sex. Hold on to any memories. You never know when they will be all you have left of someone 😥