Cuba calls the U.S. blockade of the island «an act of…

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Cuba calls the U.S. blockade of the island «an act of economic warfare in time of peace».

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  1. Fun fact. You can’t Venmo your friend if you mention Cuba in the “what’s it for” description. The app won’t let you send money.

  2. Read a little. The U.S. is the ONLY country who applies the embargo on Cuba (called *EL BLOQUEO* there).

    Cuba has a lot of economic activities with the rest of the world and that’s been the case for decades (especially sugar trading) and it was the preferred destination for european tourists before the pandemic began in 2020.

    The U.S. embargo is the eternal excuse the cuban regime uses as a scapegoat for their own corruption and mismanagement of public resources

  3. Cuban people are awesome, I worked with many of them in the 80’s. As usual it it the government that screwed everyone over. We should have been best buddies.

  4. Cuba has come out in favor of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, since when do they have a problem with warfare?

  5. Cuba has been free to trade with literally everybody but the USA, it’s not really a blockade, it’s a one nation embargo

    Is economic problems are 95% the result of terrible economic management by its ruling junta, a 50 year addiction to foreign aid from ideologically aligned countries (USSR then Venezuela) and no serious investment in modernization

    Somalia has had a better track record of economic development

  6. Latinamerican here. Cubas regime is shameful and they continue to use the embargo as an excuse for their blatant human rights violations and corruption.

    Cuba is free to trade with anyone else on the planet and yet their population lives like shit.

    A cuban can’t open a shop to sell goods since the regime sees it as a danger to their status quo. If they find you trading or selling goods you are going to jail.

    Cuba is somewhat like north korea but with a few grades less of leadership extremism, and with the exception that the regime will let you travel to certain countries from which the people who can take an airplane, will escape the island.

  7. Those embargoes are impossible to remove realistically speaking unless there’s a change in government. Cubans going to have to move on and do things without the US market and capital.

  8. There is no blockade, there is an embargo (no trade with the US) which is an entirely different thing. You can make up your own mind if the embargo is right or wrong, but there factually is no blockade of Cuba.

  9. “my communist utopia can’t survive unless it’s allowed to trade directly with a free-market capitalist state”

  10. Blockade? I don’t recall any ships halting traffic into Cuba’s ports. Sanctions are there, but that’s different.

  11. The embargo began 2 years BEFORE the missile crisis in 1960 when Cuba nationalized the US-owned Cuban oil refineries without compensation. Seems like the first step to remove the embargo would be for Cuba to pay back the American parties affected by nationalization (with interest).

  12. I wonder how many people legitimately think that the US per the blockade is preventing Cuba from trading with everyone.

  13. Literally the only reason it’s gone on this long is that whatever party did it is asking to lose Florida. Not Communism, not anything related to the island itself.

  14. 1. Embargo, not blockade. Every other country on the planet is free to trade with Cuba.
    2. The embargo is not a significant cause of Cuba’s problems (I am still waiting for a single piece of evidence that it is), let alone the exclusive one.
    3. The Cuban government has allied with Russia during their invasion of Europe. This is not a time of peace.

  15. El gobierno ese va a seguir vendiendo ese cuento y mientras tanto los hijos de Díaz Canel están basilando por ahí, hablando por su IPhone y montado en un Infiniti. Cojone qué raro que el embargo no los afectado. Bunch of fucking crooks, stealing from the people.

  16. Communism is such a great system that it requires trade with capitalist countries in order to work.

    And not just any capitalist country. Cuba has been trading with Europe and Canada throughout the embargo. Apparently, communism just can’t provide enough for everyone without help from the USA in particular.