Councillors reject £660k free school meals boost in Central…

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Councillors reject £660k free school meals boost in Central Bedfordshire then approve own pay-rise | Daily Mail Online
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  1. Its a Tory paper yes, but attacking Tory councillors and the comments show the tide is turning here.

  2. When the Daily Mail comments are being somewhat logical, you know the tides have turned against the Conservatives.

  3. Such lovely people, as long as they get there’s they couldn’t give two shits about anything. Absolute disgusting individuals.

    Edit: I said individuals, but they’re members of the party that voted against feeding kids not too long ago, it’s the entire party. All disgusting individuals.

  4. Another Tory tubster. When we go hungry, people like him will be the first to get eaten.

  5. Where I used to work, council officers didn’t get London weighting but councillors did, despite working in the same building. Guess who’s decision that was

  6. From those pictures it looks like they could do with missing a few meals themselves instead of making children do it.

  7. Well Daily Mail, MP’s rejected a windfall tax on energy companies and are feeding tax payers money to them so profits wont be hit, gave a tax cut for the rich that needs £50 billion in cuts from public spending… I think that’s going to hit school meals and other assistance such as benefits that help feed these kids at home too, how about a story on that?

  8. I’m starting to get the impression that almost everyone in politics is an absolute cunt. I know that can’t be true but still. Fuck the absolute lot of them.

  9. That’s enough reddit today what the fuck is wrong with these people? How can you be that fucking immoral to starve kids

  10. This is abhorrent, and a shameful display of greed.

    I fucking hate the tories, and so should you.

  11. Can’t believe it’s 2 years until the next GE. It’s going to get so much worse under Truss, the utter idiot.

  12. of course they have…i live in this county and they are a useless bunch of cu**s.

  13. Until we start executing these greedy cunts on the street nothings going to change.

  14. When are people going to realise like celebs ,politicians are just people too . People for the most part are selfish and self serving especially when they have the power to be .

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