Convoy clown being kicked from shopping mall. Finally.

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+660 – Convoy clown being kicked from shopping mall. Finally.

2022-08-06 14:53:11

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  1. I actually saw this guy parked in a vacant lot on the way to Constance Bay last weekend. All alone sitting there with his stupid truck. Not sure what his deal is but he is clearly missing a lot of brain cells.

  2. Is he living there or something? He was there over a week ago in the exact same spot when I was in the area.

  3. Running some errands yesterday on the motorbike. Merivale southbound at Clyde, see a SUV decked out in trucker convoy regalia (not this one), including Fuck Trudeau stickers, to my left.

    Two clutchless shifts, as my left hand was busy giving them the finger (right beside the passenger) all the way to Viewmount

    So satisfying to hear their outraged (unintelligible) squawks the whole way.

  4. The Independent management must have gotten complaints and called to have him removed. It is their property.

    I also called on him for a cell phone while driving (phone to ear) violation last week. Maybe they just got around to all the complaints the police had on them.

    If the guy doesn’t get a trespass warning, he will be back. Or will be back with the warning.

    Was this this morning?

  5. Well many of them lost everything and are basically homeless. The only thing remaining in their life is to fight for their imaginary cause

  6. Pretty sure I saw this guy slow rolling Carp road at Alice’s/ the Creamery. He was collectively ignored as he just went up and down the hill. Loser.

  7. Social media doing exactly what it was designed to do. Influence large numbers of people in ways that couldn’t historically be done with normal communication.

    50 years ago these people would’ve been isolated and ostracized. They can now all find themselves and join forces to form a collective of stupidity.

  8. They have nothing better to do on a Saturday? Their lives truly are empty and devoid of any meaning.

  9. He’s like that hippy who stayed on way too long in his camper long after Woodstock had finished.

  10. February 2022 was the high point of their lives. They got to s#it on the Cenitaph, consequences free, for 3 weeks.

  11. You guys should hear him out. Clearly, he has made all the right choices in order to attain the obvious grandiose lifestyle he is accustomed to.

  12. Do they have a staging area there? I saw another truck there this morning, a white pickup with sharpie messages all over it.

  13. Konvoy Klown. ( Historically, the Klu Klux Klan would spell with ” K” to let everyone know who they are )

  14. All with the same flags, all have their trucks painted up the same way. They are basically a cult.