“Content that has forever scarred us” starter pack

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  1. Imagine literally committing suicide by shotgun and you just end up in a “forever scarred” starterpack lol

  2. What are the two on the left. I recognize the two on the right. The thing that sticks with me most is “well guys, I guess that’s it”

  3. I remember i watched happy tree friends in the third grade and it really did scar me for life. I could never lose the mental image of a moose cutting his own leg off with a rusty spoon.

  4. No 2 girls 1 cup? It was all the rage to share that back in the day. The only video that ive noticed consistently makes people gag or even vomit

  5. Still so weird seeing Ronnie. Didn’t know him well but played Magic the Gathering with him a couple of times in Tupelo, MS. Fucking crazy he’s now internet folklore.