Competitive Ruling – Nwpo, Winters

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Competitive Ruling – Nwpo, Winters

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442 shares, 826 points


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  1. Seikoo, Atomic, Zen, Nwpo?

    Who else am I missing?

    Weird to say that he’s in good company….

    Hope future youngsters finally get the message, you have to wait your turn despite being better than most people allowed to play.

  2. Atlest he got the ban beginning of the season. So he dosent need to join next season in the middle of it Atlest. But this is pretty dumb for his part why do it just wait for some months and you could have played.

  3. Did someone confess to doing this, how did Psyonix figure it out?

    Wording above seems a little demeaning, but I mean how Nwpo wasn’t banned right away.

  4. For fucks sake Nwpo…. I was so excited to finally watch him rip it up at an international level.

    So what does this mean for Rw9 and Killerz?

  5. Oh shit! This came out of nowhere! I dont get why players take these risks. There are numerous examples of players getting caught and banned. Man…

  6. God fucking dammit man, Nwpo was going to be a star. Why the fuck do these kids keep thinking that they can get away with this

  7. Copying me reply from the original post:

    Drama in the replies between ixKillerx (the first MENA player to play a showmatch on Johnni’s stream) and Ahmad. ixKillerx accuses Falcons of snitching because they were scared this new team would cause trouble for them. Ahmad denies it and says they beat them at the most recent tournament. ixKillerx says he has screenshots of TRK threatening to snitch on nwpo (for some reason he was threatening ixKillerx?).

    Not a good showing for MENA. Bummed..

  8. Falcons 9/9 lessgo

    Hard to feel too bad cause of the many examples out there but 1 year is fucking *rough*.

    I do wonder what the “statute of limitations” is on these sort of incidents – it would seem a bit silly for something that happened 3+ years ago to elicit a year ban imo

  9. Presumably the twins can find a solid new 3rd right? Really shite timing, I wonder when Psyonix began investigating this.

  10. Why does psyonix not directly post competitive rulings to this sub instead of the main sub? I thought it was fairly clear that the main sub almost never even talks about the esport

  11. That’s so unfortunate lmao 1 single open quals from literally a year ago means he’s banned. I mean kids gotta learn but damn, HUGE punishment for essentially a match that meant nothing from a year ago

  12. It’s time to leave this shitty game, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the previous season to end just to watch nwpo and the twins together, I was so hyped for them, and I won’t wait another year, fuck this.