1. His neighbors always wondered why he didn’t have any friends ever leave his house.

  2. Fuck the skulls why is petting the cat like that.

  3. Dude must be rich to be able to afford all those skulls

  4. For anyone wondering why he has these bones, it’s his company selling them for educational purposes at [jonsbones.com](https://www.jonsbones.com/). I stumbled upon this site previously from a list of weird but aesthetically well designed websites.

    Edit: Apparently there’s some controversy over this 21 year old tiktoker buying and selling people’s bones. [https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2021/10/09/tiktok-jonsbones-human-remains-wall-spines/](https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2021/10/09/tiktok-jonsbones-human-remains-wall-spines/)


    >Experts say buyers of human bones often do not look at them as educational tools; instead the bones are sometimes turned into jewelry, chandeliers made from scapulae and end up in homemade curio cabinets.


    >But the origins of medical specimens are murky, with many believed to have been stolen from graves and forcibly brought into the educational field. These are not people who donated their bodies to science.

  5. Let him be med student, not just some kid that pets his cat really weird and has a creepy fascination with dead body parts.

  6. skulls aren’t that rare, everyone i know has at least one

  7. This is some Jeffrey Dahmer shit

  8. Did he just finger fuck his cat??

  9. Do you just google “Buy exploded Human skull” to get that

  10. Those are unequivocally NOT rare, there are hundreds if not thousands of skulls on my block alone. They are LITERALLY everywhere. I call foul sir.

  11. Those… were all real people with lives and families and friends and their own thoughts and problems and existential shortcomings and now they are in this dudes basement. Wild.

  12. Dude kind of resembles the night stalker

  13. Knowing a cat biblically is pretty rare

  14. His weirdest trait is how he touches the cat. That’s a no no area.

  15. To think all those skulls were once attached to a body

  16. Reminder to not check the “donor” box next time I’m at the DMV.

  17. Spine wall is definitely nauseating

  18. Imagine being a human being with dreams and aspirations and some stranger manhandles your skull after you die

  19. I imagine second dates for him are pretty rare too.

  20. this guy is known for being a pos in the skull collecting community

  21. I wonder what movie he made them all watch before they ended up on his spine wall

  22. This whole fucking video creeped me out. Who the hell pets a cats dick like that?

  23. I do not like this

  24. He got alot of shit for the unethical procurement of his collection

  25. Where did he get all this

  26. “It puts the lotion in the basket”

  27. Ezra miller is crazy af these days

  28. Save that cat from those evil pets

  29. Last one isn’t all that rare. The smallest skull is- they require paperwork including the other minor skull. He has to be either European and/or be filthy rich. This collection on display is well worth over 100k regardless of origin. EU has more flexible laws for transferring remains across international borders. The USA can only obtain certain specimens. Either way it’s a bored rich kid with a weird fetish. As an older collector with ties this collection is a serious one, likely inheritor or museum provenance. I can assert they did not obtain these specimens alone or without injections of serious wealth.

  30. Boys got skulls

  31. Why the fuck did he pet the cat like that

  32. This sick fuck is located out of Brooklyn i believe bushwick to be exact. Pretty certain he’s NOT a native New Yorker. He gets bones from unreputable sources and is known as a creep who acquires and exploits the bodies of indigenous peoples by seeking them through unscrupulous means. Hipsters love him. Most local New Yorkers think he’s a sick fuck.

  33. Holy hell. Issues on top of issues

  34. I have several questions but I’ll only ask one
    How did he obtain them?

  35. They are human remains not beanie babies for fuck sake

  36. He’s so fucking creepy but I bet you he thinks he’s cool and quirky.

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