Chris Selley: We’re not even close to ready for the…

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Chris Selley: We’re not even close to ready for the population growth we’re getting

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  1. Government always allows population boom first, infrastructure second

    I grew up in a small town north of Toronto that has desirable locations and land. What was once a small town or a couple thousands has now tripled or more in population. Still have the same couple schools and one lane roads that enter and exit town

  2. The whole issue is that this is completely unsustainable. More crap and more houses and more people won’t solve the climate crisis or increase our quality of life

  3. If you don’t have a wealthy family, you are all fucked, future Canadians.

    Well, likely existing ones as well.

    We aren’t baking any new cakes we are just making everyone’s slices smaller and more expensive.

    Quality of life shrinkflation. Sell you what you think is the same product, with that nice comfy packaging but there is less in the box and you paid just a little bit more for it every other month.

  4. It’s mostly a future where people are renting out dinning rooms in there house for 700 bucks.

    As demand is so high and people are over leveraged and days of cheap debt is over.

    This already has happened in brampton

  5. Admittedly, I dont know much about this topic but, Wouldn’t it make sense to shut down immigration. The influx of people is doing more harm than good especially on the topic of housing prices.

  6. I am a contractor building spec homes. Talking to the other builders everyone is spooked and some guys are even going as far as pressing pause on projects. Neghbour to me has three houses with permits ready to go and he is waiting till at least spring to start then now. I don’t know what the long term solution to this is but once new homes become un profitable guys just won’t build and then what? I don’t think there is nearly the wiggle room on new houses that people believe there are

  7. The obvious answer is to change the time formatting of the Olympics and have them held every year and in multiple cities in Canada each year. The Olympics always seem to have much less crime, the homeless seem to disappear, every project that needs to be built gets all the proper permits super quickly, and it is always said that they are great for the economy.

  8. We’ll have to invest in a lot of schools and daycare centers for this population growth – must really have cranked up the number of children being born to get this sort of growth.

    Or not – this is going to almost certainly be immigration driven. Pretty sure we’ve close to doubled our immigration rate from 2010 (from ~250K to ~450K – not including students iirc) in just 12 years and our population has not doubled to justify it.

    Oh well – why pay to raise people here when you can get a fully educated person from elsewhere who’s ready to work.

  9. Canada can either continue to explode its population, or it can continue to work towards it’s ambitious climate goals, but how the hell we going to do both of these without a collapse in our quality of life?

  10. The amount of people coming requires that they build a new City somewhere in middle of nowhere to expand the country. Majroty if the country lives along, what is almost a continuous line, yet we don’t have trains worth a shit that moves at high speeds. 2022 and still takes 6 hours to go from Toronto to Montreal on a fucking train.

    Expand this country and open it up.

  11. immigration won’t provide any magical slave labor to build houses. even if it did, land costs and municipal/permitting fees prevent the type of building we saw decades ago. theres a reason so many small independent builders left and construction is somewhat monopolized by big corps and/or offshore money launderers.

  12. There is a subtle re-branding going on that people should be aware of. Population growth makes it sound entirely organic. While we do have organic population growth, a large source of growth in Canada in the past number of years has been from immigration.

    The re-phrasing towards “population growth” and away from “immigration” shifts the discussion off of an honest public examination of the role our ever increasing immigration levels are having on our collapsing infrastructure, housing affordability, education systems and living wage jobs.

  13. Places like Manitoba and Saskatchewan need to offer incentives to make people want to move there. Offer free land or whatever like the did in the 1800’s.

  14. What we need is a federal housing infrastructure initiative that is paid for by substantially taxing empty homes/empty apartments/air bnb’s and the rich.

    We need to build low income housing for the desperate like those on disability payments, we can’t build a strong society without a good foundation, simply giving these people more money for rent doesn’t solve the problem it escalates it, build 10,000 accessible/low income apartment buildings in various towns and cities right across the country. 20+ units a building based on the size of the city/town

    Once we have that foundation there will be a tonne of places available for the general population and we’ll have the group set up to build more which can move from focusing on low income to mid etc doing the same thing but maybe a bit more profitable.

    another thing is allow people to build smaller houses and allow properties to be subdivided into smaller parcels, eg if someone wants build a 400sqft house on a tiny piece of property let them.

  15. Vote for people who will motivate denser development and fund public transit you u/uselesspolitcalhack

    (hint: it’s not the conservatives)

  16. Our population growth for the past few years has been historically low.

    Last 3 years

    – 0.78
    – 0.70
    – 0.98

    That’s the lowest 3 year stretch in the recorded history of Canada as far as I can tell.

    The last time we had a year over 2% was 1971. We don’t have kids. Immigration can only do so much.

    Population growth is not the issue. The issue is where the population is growing and where it’s not. We need to spread out.

    Stop sending immigrants to the GTA. Send them to Belleville, Brockville, Orillia, Woodstock, Pembroke, etc.

  17. This is mostly because of municipal elected officials who are afraid of NIMBY losers. That has to change. If we do not allow development of multi-family dwellings every other factor is moot.