Chris Kaba family views police body-cam footage

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Chris Kaba family views police body-cam footage

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  1. >The family gathered at their solicitors’ office to watch the video before being joined later by Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley.

    >Afterwards, Mr Kaba’s cousin Jefferson Bosela repeated Ms Nkama’s comments, saying the family now wants “justice” but that they would now be taking a “step back” after some initial campaigning following Mr Kaba’s death.


  2. If armed police are attempting to arrest someone and they drive a car at them then they should expect to get shot.

  3. I find it interesting looking at the different takes on the recent shooting of the girl in Liverpool and the killing of Kaba.

    Kaba was tied up in similar dealings as the killers of Olivia Pratt-Korbel – the use/possession of firearms, in the UK of all places. It’s pretty clear that people who obtain firearms – in the UK of all places – do not have their heads screwed on correctly. The Liverpool shooter had no problem killing a little girl, and has been protected by his associates despite the depravity of his crime. That’s the same type of group that Kaba belongs to, and proudly publicised throughout his short life.

    If you genuinely thought a person like that was shot without him creating a kill or be killed situation for police – in the UK of all places – I have two bridges in London I could sell you for a great price.

  4. There were a whole bunch of people ready to set the country on fire because of this. They haven’t gone away. I’m glad the family have perhaps seen that he wasn’t the ‘angel’ they were selling to the press. That’s not really on them, who wouldn’t be upset and say wild things in their position?

    The real problem is we’ve got a whole swathe of the commentariat who are absolutely determined to stoke the fires of racial tension. That’s not going anywhere

  5. BBC headline should read:


  6. I think we have to start treating the race baiters in this country (Abbott for instance) with the same contempt we treat Yaxley-Lennon and his ilk

    Both are shameless groups who prey on genuine concerns and fears to advance their own careers and garner media attention based on lies and misinformation.

  7. As expected for this particular case they are taking a step back after viewing the footage. It was said from the beginning that it was a justified response.

  8. What has obviously happened is the vehicle Kaba was in was used as a weapon. A vehicle is a deadly weapon and the police are allowed to use such force as is necessary to defend themselves and the public. Lethal force is justifiable if the threat is to life. You don’t need the defendant to have a firearm to justify the use of a firearm on the defendant.

    I’d be the first one to hold the police to account, policing in this country is an absolute joke 9 times out of 10, but it seems like the police got this one right based on the evidence so far.

  9. To even have the armed police get out of bed to be following you, you got to be up to some sketchy shit to begin with. When they come knocking you just follow the instructions as anything else might end up like this

  10. ugh the tension is killing me, release the footage to the public so we know which reddit commenters were right and which were wrong.

  11. >> Afterwards, Mr Kaba’s cousin Jefferson Bosela repeated Ms Nkama’s comments, saying the family now wants “justice” but that they would now be taking a “step back” after some initial campaigning following Mr Kaba’s death.

    I wonder why?

  12. To say they still want justice, but are taking a step back, suggests they don’t want to ‘give in’, but perhaps want it to drop from the public eye imo. If they thought it was a clear cut case I feel they would be shouting it from the roof tops after viewing the footage.

  13. I imagine it’ll be “wait, our kid was actually dick head, damn”

    But they’ll double down because the alternative is too humiliating.

  14. And you all wanted Jeremy Corbyn as your PM

    * No help for Ukraine
    * Went on a march in support of a criminal and tried to stoke racial division

  15. Since police were so eager to show the video, they likely were pretty sure that they were in the right.

    This could have been shut down weeks ago, sure the family and belligerents like Abbot would still be complaining but, much of the public vitriol would have vanished.

    Just release the footage. Surely by now the IOPC can atleast make a determination of any criminality on behalf of the police is likely to have taken place.

    If the answer is no then what’s the hold up?

  16. I don’t get why the police don’t publish the footage to the public like they do in America.. anyone know the reasoning behind not doing so ??

  17. I don’t give a fuck about this guy. Why are there not more articles about finding who shot that innocent little girl in Liverpool?

  18. The footage is likely to be ambiguous; it’s going to be fairly low-resolution, in the dark and not necessarily even pointing in the right direction.