China urges Europe to take positive steps on climate change

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China urges Europe to take positive steps on climate change

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  1. So we stop buying shit from china then?

    60% of europes personal carbon footprint goes to “other consuming”.

    6% is electricity

    20% is Personal mobility/transportation (including flying, cars, trains..)

    14% is Food and housing and heating.

    With the energy prices soaring to +500% nobody is buying consumer goods, we will cut harshly on services and food, and transportation..

  2. *The pot calling the kettle black*

    *Il bue che dice cornuto all’asino*

    add more saying in your own language if you wish

  3. People will mock China for this but:

    * The average Chinese person emits less than the average European – today, adjusted for trade.
    * Europe has already emitted 530 trillion tons of CO2, in total historically. With a much larger population, China has emitted 230 trillion tons. In that perspective, it is completely absurd for Europeans to always point fingers at China as an excuse for inaction. If it’s hot right now, most of the blame is not on China, it’s on us.

    Yes, China has to do better, but from a justice perspective, they are right to call us out.

  4. I don’t understand why people are laughing and calling China trolls for this. They have improved drastically in the last 10 years, far more than probably any other country in the world.

  5. I know jerking off about “le China bad” in a fit of petulance and hypocrisy is Reddit’s favorite pastime, but they’re not wrong. Per capita they’re not nearly as bad at polluting than the west, and even less so when we remove western outsourcing from the equation.

  6. That would suit them well considering that they are world leaders in the renewables sector, including the extraction of the rare lands needed.

  7. The US more or less doubles China’s CO2 emissions per capita, and China’s are lower than Germany’s or Poland’s, for example. Not to mention all the polluting industries we outsourced there in the last decades.

    People here can’t get their minds around the fact that even a broken clock is right twice a day. The world isn’t black and white. China can be bad in some things and good in others, and I believe their approach to combating climate change falls in the latter category.

    Don’t get me wrong, they are doing this because they stand to lose a lot with climate change. It’s purely out of self interest. But regardless of the reason behind, they are doing it.

  8. As always the Chinese let other do the hard work to then steal and copy from them with basically no investment. Only way their society works..

  9. Meanwhile Europe urges China to stop being a totalitarian communist one-party state that regularly commits human right violations, sends people to concentration camps, and actively supports North “If 1984 was an instruction manual” Korea.

  10. People are laughing but

    1. China has lower per capita emissions than Europe

    2. Europe has more than double the historical emissions with a far smaller population

    3. China is investing more than anybody else into the expansion of renewable energy