China and India abstained on a vote to condemn Russia’s…

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China and India abstained on a vote to condemn Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s land just weeks after Putin acknowledged their concerns about the war
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  1. “**China and India on Friday abstained from voting on a UN resolution condemning Russia for claiming it had annexed parts of Ukraine.**

    Vladimir Putin earlier on Friday signed official decrees claiming four regions in Ukraine were now part of Russia, a move which was heavily criticised by the West as an illegal annexation.

    **The UN’s 15 member Security Council held a vote on a resolution declaring Putin-s actions illegal and invalid** and recognising the four regions are still rightfully part of Ukraine and not Russia.

    **The resolution passed in a 10 to 1 vote with Russia being the only vetoing, China, India, Brazil and Gabon abstained.”**

  2. “The resolution passed in a 10-1 vote, with Russia being the sole veto vote, the Associated Press reported. China, India, Brazil, and Gabon abstained.”

    I guess business insider does not know how the UNSC works. If any of the five members with veto power votes no it means the resolution does not pass. It still plays a role of getting countries’ votes on the record, but with that veto the UNSC has not, as a body, condemned anything.

  3. I guess Xi does not care about the territorial integrity of nations after all.

  4. Abstain is a win IMO.

  5. Abstaining from voting isnt the same as supporting the war. They are remaining neutral and profiting off that neutrality.. and Russia hates it.

    Putin needs the world to believe China and India are supporting this invasion but reality says otherwise.

  6. If Ruzzia uses nukes, China will be the first to abandon them. They can’t risk losing the US and EU markets.

  7. Cool cool…so like China won’t mind if Taiwan has a referendum then right?

  8. How could a resolution passed when a Permanent member of UN vetoed is? Either it’s a misprint or people have no knowledge of UN.

  9. India continues to be a disappointment

  10. They should not have to do anything about it. No African, Asian or Latin American nation is obligated to do anything on behalf of Ukraine.

    If Russia had invaded an African or Asian nation we would hear crickets from Ukraine and other Western nations.

  11. I’m not sure what members of this sub want India to do.

    Do you want India to break off the decades-old ties with Russia when we still use Russian weapons and are dependent on them for spare parts etc?

    You do know that India has the option and reason to be a Russian ally in this war.

    But our government is trying to the best of its capabilities to be as neutral as possible. And the US government actually agrees with India’s stance.

    India is in a very tough state diplomatically. While we condemn the war, we still can’t just ditch Russia and join US-led allies. If anything, Russia has been a faithful ally to us since the 1950s. They still want us to honor the things they have done for us during all these years.

    Before condemning India, first try to understand India’s perspective. It’s not so simple that we can publicly announce that we are against Russia. Even when the whole world was against us, only Russia stood by our side, and they expect that from us too.

  12. Oh boy. Russia is reduced to a glorified vassal state of China, and still feel they can disobey their master?

    China needs to put their dog in line. Like North Korea.

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  14. Seems that it’s one of the very few things the two countries can agree with


    *Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order raising the alert status of Russia’s massive nuclear forces this week in the midst of an invasion of neighboring Ukraine is presenting a test of a 2013 agreement that calls on China to provide a nuclear deterrent umbrella for Kyiv.*

    *Chinese President Xi Jinping and then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych signed the agreement on Dec. 5, 2013, promising that China’s nuclear forces would protect Ukraine from nuclear threats. The bilateral treaty described the two states as “strategic partners.”*

    *“China pledges unconditionally not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against the nuclear-free Ukraine and China further pledges to provide Ukraine nuclear security guarantee when Ukraine encounters an invasion involving nuclear weapons or Ukraine is under threat of a nuclear invasion,” a joint statement on the pact said.*

    Pledges from China are not worth anything. The other countries didn’t make pledges, but I don’t think much of them as they abstain while Ukraine is attacked, and its people slaughtered by the Russians.

  16. Oh so China are indifferent to an ‘independence’ vote in Taiwan – interesting

  17. Seems like a broken system if a country can veto whether or not they’re doing something wrong. Imagine Among Us if the killer could veto lol

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    Virtual-Structure447 October 1, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    As an Indian, I would like to apologise for this to any Ukranians on this sub. Slava Ukrani.

  19. Well, now I hope my country abstain when China cut some Indian territories in the future. And they sure want some.

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    trailing_white_space October 1, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    They just don’t want to play with the west. What’s wrong with that. It’s not like the west like to play with them.

  21. How dare China and India defy their western masters and stand against democracy? Don’t they know only the west has the right to do genocide, others have to stand and watch?

  22. [removed]

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    Own-Personality-431 October 1, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    I suppose then NATO will have to take a neutral position when Pakistan or China decides that India needs to be made significantly smaller.

    Oh well, hopefully any invasion of India takes out the call centres.

  24. India is following the policy that US followed pre WW1 and WW2 i.e stay neutral.

  25. Shame on you, India. What kind of democracy have you become?

  26. History will show us that in 2022, Russia left Europe and joined Asia where it became a vassal of China.

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    Tight_Vegetable_2113 October 1, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    I guess India and China don’t see a problem with folks voting to leave one country and join another. That’s good to know.

  28. If China didn’t condemn this, then there’s no reason for them to condemn Taiwan for an independence referendum. This is the time for Taiwan to hold one. They can even use Putin’s own speech afterwards.

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  30. I’m ignorant on this, can someone help me understand? Do the Indian people care? Do that support the war as a country? Is there political awareness?

    Some countries I hear all about their political systems and media outlets and others sound like the whole country just goes along with the oppression.

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