[Charles Watts] Arsenal hope Odegaard and Zinchenko will be…

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[Charles Watts] Arsenal hope Odegaard and Zinchenko will be available for Spurs. Partey’s fitness will be closely monitored while he’s with Ghana. Nelson and Cedric are expected to be available but Smith Rowe is a doubt. Early suggestions that Elneny won’t be available until January at the earliest
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  1. Can we PLEASE just keep Partey strapped in to a wheelchair until September 31st?

  2. And Danilo will be arriving in London wearing the arsenal shirt

  3. Elneny January at least?! Wow that is a severe one. Was it hamstring? Or groin?

  4. Once we finally have a Partey replacement (in Jan, please?), we’d be in a place where no single injury is too worrisome. Actually feels weird saying that.

  5. Did they clarify what Elneny’s injury actually is?

  6. I thought Odegaard was a small knock, why are we “hoping” he’ll be available for a game that’s 2 weeks away?

  7. Mudryk & Danilo in January would be excellent to reinforce as we head into the second half of the season.

  8. Ghana gonna overwork him because they don’t have to worry about how he will hold up after 2 weeks playing every minute. Dude is gonna come back to London and settle back into the physio room for a month 😮‍💨

  9. Replace elneny with Danilo already

  10. Lokonga about to get some minutes!

  11. Misdirection and misinformation to totally screw with the competition.

    Either that or Viera hat trick coming.

  12. As long as partey can play the prem games, then we are just need him to get through 10-12 more.

  13. Partey? Surely not again.

  14. waiting to see Partey get injured. Lads’ made of glass

  15. So sad seeing the ESR suffer from the same thing that inflicts me. 😔 Bigdickitis, constant groin growth. I too regularly miss work due to painfully large erections.

  16. You just know Partey is coming back injured… 😬

  17. one game – not two – would probably be good for partey. should help him find his match fitness quicker ahead of the spurs game.

  18. We should’ve kept him from going to Ghana what is this nonsense

  19. Oh for fuck’s sake he’s in Ghana. He always gets injured.

  20. Elbeny- like a new January signing

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