Chapter 171 [English]

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Chapter 171 [English]

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  1. I love that this chapter is very similar to the Webcomic, some differences are that Genos and Saitama interact more and that Rover is much bigger, now that Saitama has found Rover and Black Sperm I just want Manako to be Flashy Flash’s pet, Imagine them all together in a park lol.

  2. We’ll probably get confirmation next chapter, but this means that Saitama is now Rank A. Recall when they re-built the HA they said any hero rank A and up can live there. So it’s not just about his house getting wrecked, but also getting a promotion.

    Rank A is already a big deal, so I look forwards to see how other heroes react towards the cheater king Caped Baldy rising so fast there. It’s also interesting *why* he got promoted. Beating Garou = automatic S-class. It’s probably what Flashy reported of their exploits in the MA tunnels.

  3. * Evil Natural Water somehow surviving a Serious Punch. Now he is dead, dead.
    * Rip Air (i guess).
    * BS actually acknowledgeing Saitama’s strength, that’s actually surprising. Dude has to humilhate himself for survival lol.
    * *That Tatsumaki cover art is going to be fan painted over and over this week.*
    * Saitama looking for his new doogie (Roover) is the most wholesome thing i’ver seen in this manga

    Nice chapter, surprising it’s only 28 pages long.

  4. It’s ironic that monster with the inferiority complex is right now humiliating itself and pretending to be an animal in order to survive.

    And god, rover is so cute.



    I can now die in peace, knowing that my favorite monster from the monster association was saved & not replaced 🙇‍♂️⚰️

  6. I think it’s so cool after the manga’s unique story through the Monster Association arc, we’re back to the webcomic original story.

  7. Smol Rover is so cute, I need plushie merch of him NOW

    Also I like how we’re steering back into the webcomic’s direction. Nice.

  8. That scene with Air, Pig God, and ENW was absolutely fantastic powerscaling put into a simple moment. Air was one shot by ENW and Pig God straight up swallows the little puddle, gets shot up probably half a dozen times, and WALKS AWAY TO GO GET RAMEM!! He did all this while still recovering from the previous battle too.

    Pig God is a true S class hero, I absolutely love him.

  9. Anyone else think ENP (Evil Natural Puddle) was pretty cute; and even reduced to that state, was still capable of 1 shotting Air

  10. Wowww two of the jokes almost went over my head.

    Saitama excitedly saying “what a huge dog!” even though he saw Rover back when Rover used to actually be huge.

    Genos’s deathstare is because he doesn’t want someone else to take his best friend position hahaha.

  11. ENW is pretty damn strong, surviving a serious punch. Even as a puddle, it could still fire high speed jet streams.

    Wonder what disaster level it is. Low-Mid Demon?

  12. Glad to see that someone knew that Saitama is the one that took out Garou. Him getting in the new building means he went up in the rankings. I’m curious about the changes for the other heroes

    I still want to see Metal Knight with recording on the battle between Monster/Awakened Garou and Saitama thus finally taking notice on him

  13. Seeing Black Sperm alive is the biggest relief as a webcomic reader, I thought ONE killed BS out and replace him with Manako.

  14. “Saitama can’t be fooled by this “ookye ookye” shit, thats so dumb”

    (next chapter)

    -Look Genos, I’ve found this lil ookye monkey too, lol

  15. That Tats opening page is unnecessary Murata, but I do appreciate it.

    Also fuck being afraid of Saitama, Pig God is the truest hero they’ve got.

  16. Me: Mom I want a cute dog!
    Mom: We can’t afford they expensive ones.
    Me: Don’t worry I already found the cutest one, and it’s for free.

  17. I like how Pig God gets laser beamed a few dozen times from inside his body, and just wants to go eat ramen after.