Chad parents

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Chad parents from IndianDankMemes

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222 shares, 804 points


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  1. Ye sab ameer logo ke tante hai. Har ek aadmi thoda gender change surgery afford kar sakta hai jab man kare. Inhe bas din bhar attention chahiye.

  2. I am genuinely shocked by this comment section. How did young Indian men become such degenerate pieces of shit? I feel so sorry for Indian women.

  3. People these days really use ‘dank’ as a way to disguise their prejudices and justify their hatred of minority communities. There’s a way to do dank humour and this ain’t it.

  4. How did this shit meme get 1.2k upvotes? This sub turned to shit. This sub used to be funny but now that the insta batch is here, they just post shit memes and gain upvotes

  5. Bc mai parent hota toh I would’ve sold his organs in the market,and redeemed all the savings spent on that bts kid

  6. Humans of Bombay : underprivileged logon a struggle to success post karu? Naa bhai, lgbtq walon ka RR post karna hai to bata.