catnip is appealing to cats of all sizes

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catnip is appealing to cats of all sizes from Damnthatsinteresting

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  1. If I’m every confronted by a large cat that happens to like catnip and I happen to have some of this spray on me, then what are the odds that I could get away by dumping the bottle on the ground in front of me and waiting for the animal to catch a whiff as I slowly back away?

  2. Great now the government is going to distribute catnip to leopards undercover just so they can arrest them for possession.

  3. Fun fact: Mountain lions, lynx, bobcats, tigers and jungle lions are known to be susceptible to the charms of catnip. And they’ve also learned that the reaction is hereditary. So if you have two cats that aren’t affected, their kittehs won’t either. But if one of them do, then the litter will as well (it appears to be a dominant trait).

  4. I planted catnip in my garden for my cat. I’ve seen bobcats on our trailcam but so far they haven’t found the catnip by the house.

  5. What’s fascinating about catnip is that it isn’t really the *scent* or the *taste* that they are attracted to. Actually, there is an electro-chemical reaction that happens inside the nasal cavity that lures the animal to the source. It all happens because of the way these airborn particles work with the air around them. One thing never to do around a cat is wear any type of metallic-based perfume, because the ions will interact with your own body’s pheromones and potentially cause a chemical reaction that can make big cats like this one go wild and want to eat you! This was first discovered by a Ugandan minister who was working on a study in nineteen eighty seven when hulk hogan body slammed the late great andre the giant at wrestlemanina three to win the world championship.

  6. It’s just a beautiful animal. I mean, I just want two things at this moment. 1. To hug that kitty. 2. Do not die.

  7. Such a beautiful cat. Makes me wanna snuggle it so tight, even at the risk of losing my face and appendages

  8. Please do not support videos of humans inside cages with wild animals – especially jaguars!!!!!!

    This is irresponsible behavior and likely a reflection of bad practices, potentially illegal wildlife trafficking, poor living conditions, cub exploitation, and premature abandonment (selling elderly adults when they are no longer “cute” and vibrant).

    No respectable, true sanctuary would ever be in a cage with a large felid, especially a jaguar. Yes, they are absolutely stunning, but they also have the most captive deaths. If they cared about this animal they would enrich their habitat without direct interaction, exploiting the animal on social media.

    Many shithole animal prisons aka “sanctuaries” (there are NO qualifications to call yourself a “sanctuary”) are posting tons of videos like this online to make money. They interact with their animals inside the cage and treat them like pets. It is not healthy and has nothing to do with conservation – it’s all about profit. Stop up voting this garbage!