1. >”I would like to formally state that myself and my siblings … wish to have no contact with you, nor would we like you to have access to any of our contact, medical information or other information regarding our lives.”

    Yikes. Sounds like a great guy.

  2. Billionaire unwilling to pay a comparably tiny amount to support his estranged children, likely spending more in court to fight it and now having his personal affairs showing up in the public light.

    Wonder if there will be any consequences from the League.

  3. I used to fly this guy around. He is such a tool. Prostitutes galore. Paid in designer handbags. I’m sure his current GF is younger than his oldest daughter. Money doesn’t buy class.

  4. There are a lot of people, rich and poor and in the middle, who should never ever have children.

  5. They say sociopaths tend to either be serial killers or CEOs.

  6. Never liked Aquilini, he has a strange personality and rubs me the wrong way. He wanted to buy the BC Lions and they said F no because they’re afraid Aquilini would ruin that team too. He also had really weird looking townhouses built. He’s a very odd person, almost Elon Musk weird (Also didn’t Elon’s kids do the same thing, not want anything to do with him?). Canucks has been in rough shape in forever since he became full owner and not even then GM Jim Benning could save them.

  7. That looks like the face of a man that would abuse children.

  8. My fucking hockey team is cursed with scandal and abuse. Virtanen, mitchell… now this asshat. Fuck.

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