Can’t believe they ruined my favourite race

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+3247 – Can’t believe they ruined my favourite race

2022-08-06 14:23:12

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  1. Hang on, what’s the context here? I know MotM is the new revised player option book, but what did they do to humans?

  2. Is it just me or is the character on the left holding the cigar, like backwards.. Or just in an often putting way?

  3. Was there any actual stat/hard cannon or lore changes?

    Because if it’s just how they are in a picture damn shame humans don’t come in variety…. S/

    Edit: also applies to any player race
    There’s always homebrew worlds too.
    eg. Giving dragonborn tails

  4. I’m waiting for 5.5 to give humans a buff (The Standard ones not the Variant ones, so far the only way I’ve made them usefull is by using Point Buy to start with two 16’s & one 14 and that’s only cuz I’m a newbie scared of negative numbers and likes to leave every ability score at least with a 10)

  5. That’s for the folks, complaining about minotaurs changes. Imagine not making your entire race look like an angry pile of muscles. Blasphemy!

  6. I have to laugh at people who legitimately get upset over stuff like this. As if the old content isn’t still there and readily available to you anymore.

    They must have a lot of free time in their day if getting mad at a not stereotypically roided out minotaur gets their Jimmies rustled.

  7. Holy shit yes, this response to the other meme of everything

    Literally showing the strongest example of said race against the weakest and pretending thar diversity of form doesn’t exist within a race

    Name a more perfect duo than D&D chuds who will never be invited to my games and prescribing race characteristics.

    Happened with the tiefling character in the D&D movie too. Ludicrous.

  8. Did you see how they slaughtered the minotaurs as well?

    Edit: Reading through the comments I realised that it was a joke about the minotaur changes…