Cancer death rates continue to fall, driven by new…

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Cancer death rates continue to fall, driven by new treatments and improved screening

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  1. I had Stage IV melanoma and took immunotherapy earlier this year and now it is completely gone. Immuno especially for melanoma has been a game changer and for 50% of patients has shown dramatic improvements.

  2. How does one get screened? Every time I ask my doctor if I can be screened for cancers— even the ones that run in my family— I get brushed off and told I don’t need it… isn’t the entire point of screening to do it before you need it?

  3. This is great news, but we should try to improve screenings and develop treatments for all the rest of the zodiac signs too

  4. Meanwhile the amount of people that get cancer is increasing, at least you have less a chance of dying but in the end this is all good news for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, they win by giving life saving medical treatments and they win with more people getting cancer and all of this will lead to their being no cure.