1. How is this even legal ? This is height of corporate non sense.

    What if someone had a important exam next day?

  2. Be sure to tip them for the extra convenience

  3. Spicejet absolutely doesn’t give a flying fuck about delay.. they just delay by days instead of refunding? 💀 props to them

  4. You can try to convert your flight from Belgaum to Goa that has Spicejet route to Delhi. But you’ll have to make arrangements to travel to Goa from Belgaum.

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    BeginningConclusion6 October 1, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    Can’t you cancel and ask for a refund?

  6. Taking a Spicejet flight is such a gamble these days. Without a doubt, the worst airline out there

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    Status-Disaster9373 October 1, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    But SpicyJet may advise you that you would get to see all the fireworks from the sky, yay! 🤩

  8. Cancel karde bro, kuch nahi kar sakte apan. Better start looking for other mode of transport before they get booked too.

  9. Fuck spicejet, all my homies hate spicejet.

  10. Don’t use spicejet. They are having cash flow issues / legal issues for the past year which can affect maintenance and quality.

  11. I never book GoAir and Spicejet even if they are the cheapest one or as OP has said they are the only direct ones available. Spending a bit more on expensive flights or spending some more time during the layover is acceptable to me than the uncertainty around these airlines.

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    sadhgurukilledmywife October 1, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    I didnt even know that people still use spicejet..

  13. Spicejet is absolutely the worst airline ever, this is very normal for them

  14. 24 oct flight delayed on 1st October 🤔

  15. Do take it for word, this might get delayed again. Book with Indigo.
    Mine bound to Delhi was delayed by 2 days and then cancelled.

  16. Train takes 1 day and 12 hours to reach Delhi from Belgaum. You’ll still reach earlier lol

  17. Take a look at Passanger Charter available on Civil Aviation website. It has very clearly laid out guidelines and options available to you in case the flight is delayed by more than 6 hours/24 hours.

    You can get a refund or ask for an alternate flight. Have experienced this with Spicejet, they issued refund as the other flights they had did not suit my schedule.

  18. I dunno about other cities but belgaum n spicejet is a recipe for disaster. My gf lives far away and we plan months ahead and we hassle with our leaves and then when shit like this happens, i feel like screaming my lungs out.

    After this happened multiple times with spicejet we both swore we wud never book spicejet and started booking exclusively with indigo. Just today morning I came to know that my return flight to belgaum is cancelled. I ve been pulling my hair ever since.

  19. It’s stupid to book with shitty airlines like SpiceJet. It’s a known fact they do this all the time

  20. Kisne kaha cheapest flight lo of a cheap carrier.

  21. Ye sabse bekar carrier hai! Had a similar experience.

  22. Fuck Spicejet, it’s the worst. Delays are unavoidable.

  23. Air Asia and Spice Jet are the absolute worst when it comes to services and customer satisfaction.

  24. You can get a 10 thousand refund i guess

  25. Lets trend #fuckuspicejet for this fellow broda

  26. Flight is now at 1 in the afternoon and you will reach Delhi by 3:30 in the afternoon. Not night.

    Still not good of a company to reschedule u like this.

  27. well… based on the millions of copy paste Tiktok videos, I think you can ask for a refund and compensation for the trouble.

  28. Call them cancel and book another flight

  29. now u can see the fire works from the sky

  30. I had an international connecting flight from Delhi which was delayed by 2 days after to and forth with the customer support the final decision was “reschedule the flight or cancel it for refund” There’s 0 other flights to my destination airport, so i had to spend two days in Delhi for no reason.

  31. Laut aao jet airways 😭😭😂

  32. Ask them to book on you another flight. If not, fuck spicejet, fly with someone else.

  33. Next time try booking indigo from hubli (1 stop). I travel from Guwahati to hubli by indigo. The Guwahati – hubli (1 stop) is always cheaper option than Guwahati- bangalore (direct) + bus/ train from bangalore

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