California’s Water Emergency: Satisfying The Thirst Of…

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California’s Water Emergency: Satisfying The Thirst Of Almonds While The Wells Of The People That Harvest Them Run Dry

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  1. > In California’s Central Valley, where 40% of the fresh fruits, nuts and other produce consumed across America are grown,

    Some of the most fertile land on earth.

  2. Pure Life water bottles list Sacramento Municipal Supply as a source, and many companies get bottled water from California. Call me crazy, but I think it would be better if these companies sourced their water from somewhere that isn’t in a severe drought.

  3. Californians are expected to sacrifice and conserve water for the benefit of agriculture business that exports most of its product out from California.

    If the nation wants California to continue supplying it with inexpensive and various produce then the nation should supply California with water via interstate pipeline.

  4. Back in the day, farmers were beaten for drinking the water in the well. That was for livestock and plants, not useless farm hands.

  5. Over and over media like the LATimes post articles on how individuals and families should conserve even more water. They seldom mention the vast amount of water that goes to poorly-managed agriculture. The archaic legal framework for water rights, plus the huge Ag lobby are responsible for avoiding change before the catastrophe of worse drought.

    California and other Western states need to manup and prioritize certain crops, and deny others. I know this strikes political terror into the legislature, so I am not holding my breath.

    Nobody will agree fully, but I would deny livestock and dairy, alfalfa, the worst of the nut trees, cotton, and so forth. The reasoning would be these crops can be easily grown elsewhere.

  6. Citizens need to start taking this issue seriously. By the time the legislators begin to curb the Agro Biz, there will be no water left.

  7. California clickbait headline.

    >During times of drought, there’s no rain to replenish surface water, so agricultural giants, which include California’s dairy industry, pistachio and almond growers and tomato farmers . . .

  8. Finally an article that’s not shaming and blaming the people who accounts for 22% of the total usage. But the reality is that the corrupt politicians who are bought by the greedy corporations will continue to blame the drought on the people. I am sure I deserve the full blame, because I flushed this morning after doing my morning “business”. For that, on behave of my “business” and myself, I sincerely apologies to everyone in California for the historical drought.

    With better management, better infrastructure and better practice, there is more than enough water even to support our continuing growth. But that will require the government and business to be held accountable to do better, so well, long story short, we are all doomed.

  9. Most of these Almond Farmers are very wealthy and pay a lot income tax to the state. So, the state is not doing the right thing and denying them water. They would rather the citizenry suffer with conservation and higher prices.

  10. So, before even looking at the comments, I’m betting a dollar I see astroturfing pro-almond farming comments in response to anyone suggesting water shouldn’t be used for export crops like almonds

  11. I’ve been seeing ads about almond farming consuming less water since 1990 or something. Definitely trying to turn down the heat that agriculture industries are getting for water consumption.

  12. The almond industry in California needs to die. We all agree this market is unsustainable. My reason for boycotting the Almond industry is the fact of how many bees die to support this industry.

  13. 40% goes to agriculture, 10% people, and 50% environmental (delta smelt, etc.). Last major reservoir 1999, before that 1979, most being built in the 60s while the population has doubled. The Sites reservoir has been on the books since the 80s. Still not built. They wanted to raise the Shasta dam 18-ft. Not going to happen with all the lawsuits against it. They are still farting around with the Delta Conveyance Project which they think will take 20 YEARS to complete. The people that want nothing done love it when everyone blames it on walnuts.