BTMC claims DigitalHypno charged him 300$/hour for osu!…

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BTMC claims DigitalHypno charged him 300$/hour for osu! coaching on stream

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  1. The fact that Hypno was the one who upcharged, when Ed was basically promoting his coaching stuff to at least 1-2K ppl through the subathon is pretty amusing.

  2. If this is true, damn, thats insanely scummy and expensive.
    Also, why did coaching become an insanely huge topic over night again?

  3. Lmao. Honestly I can’t even be mad at Habib. He found a way to pay for his uni tuition by finessing 6 digits and people with more money than sense. Still charging Ed $300 under essentially false pretenses is kinda shitty.

    In Ed’s case he thought he’d get content but he got fuck all. Not a big deal at the end of the day Ed has the money (I mean he spent silly amounts on the Roundtable so $300 is whatever in comparison).

    All the random bozos who spent money on osu! coaching and are defending the value of osu! coaching on this sub are just hilarious though 😂 (the comments on that fgsky post were comedy gold.)

  4. habib speedrunning himself into more controversy be like

    kinda scummy but like I have no personal investment in this so i dont really care

  5. If you really can’t tell what you need to work on you can send a replay to any fucking bozo for an objective observation of your strengths and weaknesses for FREE

  6. I’ve coached numerous people in Team Fortress 2 before for free, because those folks asked for it.
    A game where special techniques can give you an edge.
    I have 5000+ hours (mind you, that’s not a lot for that game) and I still learn new stuff.

    I just can’t imagine charging that much in a game where you literally improve by playing more, MAYBE by watching replays (Even with softwares I find that brutally tedious) you can realize mistakes but not more.


  7. Man notorious for deranking to destroy the spirit of rank-restricted tournaments lacks morals in other areas too. More at 7.

  8. Redpill: All these anti-coaching post are actually Habib posting to act as a form of publicity.

    All publicity is good publicity.

  9. unbelievable man. If anything habib was gonna gain more from this than btmc, exposure etc, should have done it for free fk sake.

  10. Hypno is up on his ass lmao, that guy is the embodiment of “Hi stranger I am a pro osu! player look at this, all of this are tournament medal”

  11. I completely missed this, this makes me even more pissed about the fact that people CHARGE money for coaching shit when the answer is just going to be play more of that skillset or just in general. 300 dollars for a useless conversation? Fuck that dude. You can say it’s overpriced normally but in all reality it is just a huge scam

  12. Very few who will actually be needing video game coaching… i would be willing to say zero since osu! doesn’t have a competitive scene like say, CS:GO or LoL. I feel like just learning some tips and tricks or reading some guides will be helpful enough to players considering this coaching.

  13. Osu coaching isn’t worth it even if it’s $3/hour because it’s completely useless and just play more. Also digitalhypno moment