Bruce on Mizkif

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Bruce on Mizkif

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  1. The “you are who you hang around” shit is so true.

    Some of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever heard are ones about dudes who were former white supremacists actually getting to know black people and flipping their lifestyle to become advocates. Look up Daryl Davis, that guy is incredible.

  2. It’s funny watching every streamer being shock pikachu face with the Mizkif old logs. Everyone knew about it, Bruce was trolling him in his announcement stream with the lie detector.

    Is mizkif a full hard racist? No. Did he say racist shit? Yes and that his problem to live with but if he doesn’t say that shit anymore is it hard to believe people can change?

  3. nah it’s true though bruce has been pushing OTK to his fanbase even before he joined and a good portion of his fans never understood or supported OTK so this whole miz situation really just fucked bruce over pretty hard too

  4. Feel bad for bruce,


    Ice spun the narrtive that went so far left ,that it fucks with bruce more than Miz tbh

    I forgot this could be a case

  5. Part of seeking redemption is being okay with the fact that not everyone will forgive you or be okay with you again. So if you double down and complain about being called out you’re essentially evading all responsibility again and just displaying that you actually haven’t changed all that much. From what I’ve seen previously Mizkif hasn’t shied away from what he did in the past and now he is feeling the full repercussions of it. So really it is up to individual viewers and creators to decide for themselves.

  6. Its funny how everyone dogpiling on Miz rn has been so outspoken against “cancel culture” when theyre effectively doing the same exact thing. Ice jumped on the hate train and people ate it up without any context. People been knew about Miz’s old logs and people don’t even stop to consider who fucking Ice Poseidon is of all people? Let’s not mention Ice and Train’s own logs

  7. This true asf. I think a lot of people weren’t around during the Ice Poseidon era. They don’t realize how toxic and messed up he was. Mizkif needed a job and got one from him as a camera man during the rv trip. Then Miz started streaming to get out of CX and made it big and left it all behind. I used to never curse or say dark humor jokes. Then I started working in construction where that was all normal behavior. So i started doing saying those things. Looking back now that I’m out its crazy how it just happened without me really knowing. CX was one of the worst groups of people in modern social media because of Ice. Changed a lot of peoples lives for the worse. Luckily Mizkif got out of it and made a name for himself but that stuff will always follow him sadly.

  8. My biggest issue is that Miz never says “What I said was racist and homophobic.” Instead he just says he was being “silly” and “edgy.”

  9. Miz used to use the R word all the time and only stopped because Twitch made him. He’s a douche that conforms to make money and that’s it, plain and simple.

  10. Isn’t this the guy who defends using anti-white racial slurs and doubled down by saying them live on stream and proceeded to try and justify it? He can criticise miz all he wants but it’s pretty hypocritical and not very self aware.

  11. ice didnt make miz text it…..

    and then everyone keeps saying ice is the most racist blah blah blah

    miz was edgy it was years ago, he changed, but only ice cant change??

    his people was right for calling him out

  12. Bro there are stories of legit neo nazis turning there ways but mizkif changing is impossible

    BTW I agree miz is racist

  13. People need to learn that you can’t/shouldn’t try to think for other people. I was going hard about that Train/Alinity shit because Train is a fucking piece of shit, but if Alinity says she doesn’t want to relive that shit, like she did a little while ago, then leave her alone.

  14. Perfect example is Maya. 3yrs ago she was the most innocent unaware bird girl youd ever imagine. Spending time with miz and other degens turned her into maya maxwell

  15. I love when people tell everyone to leave Otk as if Otk did anything wrong, twitch is just filled with idiots just as dumb as most of the streamers