1. All running at 90hz!
    Keep in mind the video is really compressed.

  2. actually looks pretty good. Also consider the video recording is using the default Quest2 recording settings (1024×1024 resolution). And video quality is further degraded from the TikTok video feed.

  3. Tough to tell with a compressed Oculus cast video posted to twitter, but it looks pretty good all things considering. Running at 90hz with no ASW. Draw distance is pretty small but that’s an understandable cheat. Wonder what the internal resolution is in the headset. If it takes advantage of the full resolution, despite what we’re seeing here, the game will be incredibly crisp.

  4. I think $39.99 is completely accurate pricing for a game like this. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a VR game with the amount of content it looks like this game has. This game is the result of 5 years of development, making the marrow engine, learning from boneworks etc.

    It boggles my mind that some people were super hyped at a $29.99 price and now that it cost $10 more than they expected they are deciding not to buy lol.

  5. Looks like they went with heavy fog to hide the low draw distance. A little concerning we never see more than 3 enemies at a time though. I hope its great, but make sure you keep realistic expectations.

  6. Silly question: is there a story mode to this game?

  7. Honestly seems to look and run good here, sure maybe not with all the bells and whistles, but even if I didn’t have a pc I’d probably still pay $40 for the quest version

  8. Okay. Please don’t downvote me to hell. I’m genuinely asking.

    When does Boneworks get fun? I’ve booted it up a few times, and I end up getting bored by the physics puzzles at the start. Do other things happen? Am I just giving up too early? Pure Sandbox games tend to not be fore me, so I’ve chalked it up to that, but as much as it’s talked about I feel as though I absolutely _must_ be missing something.

  9. Looks pretty good for Quest, but a big step down from PC. I’ll be playing PC for sure but man is it ever cool to see a game like this come to standalone, everyone should be hyped.

  10. The first legitimate VR game that has come out in a long time.

  11. Is BoneLab cross-buy?

  12. Down with Monogon!

  13. I’m going to be playing it on PC and I’ve never been this hyped for a game before, but I’m happy for the standalone users too. The textures, lighting and all the fancy effects that were a candy to the eye in the Node video got downgraded quite a bit, but still surprised that it even looks good.

  14. What’s the install size? I have a 64gb model so is there even a point to charging it for this?

  15. Is this multiplayer?

  16. Any thoughts on getting it natively on Quest vs buying it on PC and playing with link?

    I’m brand spanking new to VR. I don’t know the pros and cons.

  17. Ok this is impressive

  18. will there be a sandbox mode like i see in boneworks?

  19. Looks ok. Its tempting but this is premium game. PC will have better graphics and better precision physics. Will go to steam for this one..

  20. if i connect my quest to my pc will the game look how it did in the trailers or still look like this?

  21. Where are the frame drops where are the frame drops this can’t be real

  22. So stoked to grab this on Thursday

  23. Is it true that buying this on PC allows me to have it on the quest 2 as well?

  24. very cool

  25. For any main Quest 1 users out there: No, this will not be able to run natively on Quest 1, as it requires the hardware of a headset released just a year or even just a few months after your Quest 1 was bought, it can however be played on Oculus Link/Air Link.

  26. Aww thought it was out now 🙁

  27. Most Quest games target Q1 hardware. More of the titles that come out work on Q2 *and* Q1. Q2 Exclusives are the heavy minority, not the majority.

  28. Thought it was going to be $30, fuuuudge

  29. Bro I’m so hyped
    Also this a banger song low-key

  30. That music really slaps! What track is that?

  31. My dog is excited for this!!!

  32. Despite this being cross-buy with Oculus desktop, I am primarily playing this on the Quest 2.

  33. Sadly no multiplayer

  34. Don’t look as bad as I thought it would, still probably doesn’t compare with the pc version.

  35. Holy shit, this looks great! Wasn’t expecting such stellar quest 2 performance. Super glad it’s cross buy!

  36. It’s the rag dolling that’s really selling on that native quest 2 performance! Hell yeah SL0! Can’t wait!


    First time ever, A Lefty Gameplay!!

  38. A lot of these comments appear to be made by folks involved with promoting the game.

  39. The enemies don’t really do much. I wish they were more intimidating and did more.

  40. u/savevideo

  41. I am 10$ short. Shit.

  42. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see the allure of all these anxiety-inducing games where things jump out at you or are actively trying to kill you. I play VR to escape from that world, not spend more time in it. Wish there were more relaxing, simulator-y experiences like Google Earth VR to get lost in for hours.


  44. I wonder how long the campaign is.

  45. Any multiplayer/co-op modes?

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