Bob Ross shows how to draw a waterfall

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Bob Ross shows how to draw a waterfall

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  1. In the spirit of this week and maximum drama, I’m here to inject some conflict into this otherwise calm and soothing clip.

    Every branded thing with Bob Ross on it, including this stream, is run by Bob Ross Inc. which years ago cut out Bob’s only know living descendant, his son Steve Ross. There was a Netflix documentary about this last year.

    Turns out a woman named Ann Kowalski took a painting class from Bob in the 70s and convinced him he could be a star on his own. He started the business with her and her husband. It was rumored they had an affair though never confirmed. When Bob Ross died, the Kowalskis sued Steve and his half brother. This was because Bob had actually written the Kowalski’s out of his Will for being too aggressive in trying to have him sign over his estate to them.

    The Kowalski’s won the lawsuit, more detail under death & aftermath in [Bob’s Wiki]( Their argument was basically that Bob was their employee and didn’t have the right to pass this IP to his son.

    [Here’s an interview]( with Ann Kowalski’s daughter, who now runs Bob Ross Inc. She explains why she put Steve Ross under an NDA and still won’t give him a cut of his father’s legacy. Enjoy!

  2. Probably one of the best things Twitch ever did was put this show on every weekend since the marathon. Especially since he doesn’t come on every PBS station, i dont think. Wish they’d do the same for Mr Rogers. Now *that* was the most wholesome thing ive ever seen online.

  3. I’m not gonna pretend like I didn’t enjoy all this drama in the most degenerate way possible for the past two weeks or however long it’s been going. A few days ago I saw “120k users here now” on this sub so it was definitely whack. However, I opened up LSF today and I suddenly felt genuinely sick reading the newer posts. I think some grass touching is on order.

  4. *Saw Bob Ross on LSF*
    “Oh no, what did he do this time?”
    *Saw the clip, just Bob Ross doing Bob Ross stuff*
    “Ah that’s a relief, nothing bad happened to him, oh wait”

  5. It always amazed me how he would do something that seems so basic, and it somehow always looks perfect. Like when he makes bushes he just takes his brush and taps it lightly on the canvas and it looks exactly like a bush.

  6. So good and wholesome. The other big question besides how long your waterfall will be, is how will XQC criticize Hasan for this?

  7. Me: What’s he doing??? Oh my oh my stop don’t yo-

    Bob Ross : Bloop

    Wait a sec that’s not that bad

    Bob Ross : Bloop

    Me: This is kinda good