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2022-08-06 10:59:22

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  1. tok me a while, i was full looking to see if you could see if they both had balls or something before i finally realised i am an idiot

  2. Show your the children the happy animals, not the entire world getting genocided by a nut job. And realize that genocide is still within your acceptable line in the sand as long as it’s *your* god doing it.

  3. Not to ruin the joke but there are lionesses who have grown a mane like a male lion. There was actually a viral clip of such a lioness mating in the Kruger national park

  4. Aside from the lonely polar bear, and the gay lions, I’ve got questions about the size of these animals. Are the antelope and lions just freakin massive? Or are the elephants and giraffes tiny?

  5. that could be a female. some females grown manes and start acting like the males. they’re uteruses shut down and they sometimes even mount other females