Björk says ‘unfathomable’ violence in US played role in her…

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Björk says ‘unfathomable’ violence in US played role in her leaving New York for Iceland. “And having a daughter that’s half-American in school [in New York], 40 minutes away from Sandy Hook.”

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772 shares, 859 points


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  1. This is the first time I ever thought about a Bjork as being a real person. I’ve just always thought of her as something out of a fairy tale. She lived amongst us, as an eternal, but never truly with us. I also learned she’s now a mom. Now I picture her having to get up at 2 am because one of the little tike’s Sponge Bob doll fell into the crack between the bed and wall. Huh.

  2. Whenever I drive in I 84 and go by the Sandy Hook exit I get shivers and I feel awful about it. I’m sure it’s a lovely area aside from one awful horrific incident

  3. If you ever get close to a human

    And human behaviour

    Be ready, be ready to get confused

    There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic

    To human behaviour

  4. And it isn’t just that the violence happens, it’s that half the country fights tooth and nail to not do anything about it.

  5. Not just the actual violence, but the 10-20% of “normal people” who wear t shirts and hats promoting their cult of violence.

  6. I wouldn’t want my children to be schooled in the US if I could help it either.

    It’s nice to have options. US government is some corrupt bullshit and I’m over it

  7. Friendly reminder that despite what you read, statistically schools are the safest place for children to be in the United States.

  8. The independent website – where you go if you click this article – is a literal nightmare of slide-ins, pop-ups and notification making it IMPOSSIBLE to read the article ..dear god

  9. yeah that’s what happens when you defund education, city services, housing development and divert it all to blue lives, billions on a racist class of people that act like warlords, no accountability no oversight just thugs and murderers, and all those supposed good cops back and protect all the “bad apples” blue lives love to blame. yet you hear nothing about how those same bad “apples” will be rehired in a heart beat once the outrage dies down.

    sad part is it took decades to pull it off and now it will take decades of funding education alone to undo the damage blue lives and unions have done to cities all over the US.

  10. Can’t say I blame her. I’m thinking about leaving in a few years after traveling abroad and seeing how wonderful other countries are. I have friends and family actively seeing citizenship in other countries as well. I don’t necessarily know if violence is statistically worse than the 90s, but for me it’s just become a toxic place to live and work.

  11. Good ol reporter slapping Bjork. The image of her delivering that totally unprovoked smackdown to a poor jounralist welcoming her to her country lives rent free in my head. I sense Bjork def has some temper/anger issues!

  12. I’d wager the majority of Americans agree with her, but because of how this country unfairly overrepresents people in underpopulated states, it’s nearly impossible to make any real progress.