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2022-08-05 15:02:54

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  1. The billy club, radio, and handcuffs suggest a police style, the gun is a bit of a departure but ok, and then there’s just a fucking hand grenade.

    I feel like handcuffs and grenades are mutually exclusive. Either you’re bringing in someone alive or in chunks

  2. I had this same exact set when I was a kid but my mom kept stealing the billy club for weeks at a time

  3. Baby’s first Glock playset. All the tools needed to prepare your toddler for a future military, police, or organized crime career. Only $3.99 shipping and handling separate.

  4. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many aliens you can turn into. Sometimes you just gotta cap a bitch.

  5. Because we all knew “Bin” to carry a 1911 and a knight stick to crush the aliens. Then he would cuff em and call em in on his radio.

    Who did he call? eh idfk, space jail or something.