‘Biggest fizzle ever’: AFL grand final parade boats turn…

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‘Biggest fizzle ever’: AFL grand final parade boats turn around before reaching fans

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  1. Why on earth would you turn around there? The driver can clearly see the majority of the crowd is further downstream and the map shows it should go all the way to the bridge. That is painful to see.

  2. I was on the bridge at first and had to rush down to Alexandra Parade once we realised the boats weren’t coming within 100m. Using the river is a cool idea, but the execution absolutely stunk.

  3. I looked at the map and thought jolimont was the best bet. Myself and my son walked down, waited for the Ferris wheel for prob 45 min. Got on and had the best view of everything! Parade came past and we had a blast 💥

  4. AFL having a good week so far!

    Sunday; CEO is heard bad mouthing the Brownlow winner

    Wednesday; Hawthorn’s internal review is leaked to the media.

    Friday; a European boat cruise that is the so called parade is the biggest flop ever.

    Good to see Gill has everything under control for when he leaves!

  5. I don’t care to be honest

    AFL doesn’t interest me in the slightest

    And I am sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way

    I wish they would stop going on and on about it in the media….

    Even when it’s over they will keep going on and on about it

    Every year the same thing

    I won’t be anywhere near the city so I won’t get exposed to all the crazy people