BIG BUMP-DATE Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry appears to have a bump…

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BIG BUMP-DATE Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry appears to have a bump in rare unedited photos amid speculation she’s pregnant with fifth child
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  1. So I am not a kail fan. But this makes me sad. What if she’s not pregnant but is struggling with her health? This tabloid would be heartbreaking. The body shaming and sex shaming in here is gross.
    That being said, she looks pregnant AF and I hope she’s ready for this fifth kid.

  2. The real breaking news here is there’s paparazzi following her. Slow news day or she called them in advance.

  3. This story is disgusting, this post is disgusting, these comments aren’t it. Talking about women’s bodies is such gross behavior.

  4. 🤣 back at the WAWA parking lot as per the plastic bag logo. I guess it’s Javi’s baby

  5. Let herself go big time…makeup changes everything doesn’t it…

  6. My defense!! Sometimes you have kids and just have a big belly. If you catch me the wrong time of the month- I look pregnant. That being said, Kail has a pregnancy fetish and she 100% is prego in these pics.

  7. I don’t like her but damn girl just get some therapy instead of trying to fill the void with more pet sperm.

  8. Kail is trying to be the female Nick Cannon.

  9. As someone who has struggled with PCOS and fertility issues since I was 16, fuck these bitches and their oops pregnancies.
    Ohhh WoE iS Me, I hAvE PcOS

  10. I don’t know…
    I agree she does look pregnant, but trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and it could be a bad angle…

  11. So my theory is Elijah and her broke up and he’s dating someone else so Kail called the SUN.

  12. I need to start getting ready everytime I leave the house if there is paparazzi hanging out at my local wawa now 😅

  13. I truly think she believes that every relationship needs a child to go with it in order for the relationship to be “real,” or “strong.” This will not keep a man, idk why she still thinks it will considering she’s still a single mom after having 3 baby dads. I just don’t get it. I feel so sorry for her current kids. She doesnt need more children, she needs more therapy. I know her kids are taken care of physically, but damn, how are they mentally, emotionally? Especially Isaac, this is at least the 5th man he’s been around in his life.

  14. Sometimes I feel like she is doing this to get her own show. Like Jon and Kate plus eight but instead it’s how I manage all my kids and baby daddies. Also having separate baby daddies gives her more freedom than we think – the kids aren’t all usually home at once – Atleast for long periods of times.

  15. Needs more therapy, not more kids.

  16. This is embarrassing for her. I mean, not just the picture, but the whole situation. 5 kids, 4 dads, yeesh.

  17. ![gif](giphy|PQX1rxXfDBR5bEQl96|downsized)

  18. Who in heck is getting that thing pregnant? Sloppy and gross. I think she has all these kids to make her feel like someone cares about her.

  19. I really didn’t want it to be true for the sake of the child but damn she really 5×4 :/ god no wonder Isaac is always roasting her

  20. *** This is a public service announcement***
    Every black man in Delaware needs to lock their doors and not come out till Kail goes through Menopause.

  21. Christmas baby

  22. I appreciate the fact that this thread has 1.2k comments lol

  23. Didn’t she recently say that she wasn’t tho? Like would she really lie about it if it’s THAT obvious that she is? Weird

  24. lmao they have to be trolling catching her at a Wawa.. one of us! one of us!!

  25. ![gif](giphy|U23WekMlGy6cImpMim|downsized)

  26. Gonna call it now, I reckon baby will be born mid – late February. Taking bets for Feb 22nd

  27. She looks like that face Ethan Kein always makes.

  28. Didn’t she have lipo? I did, and it’s extremely hard to gain weight in the areas you get done. I got my sides done, and when I got pregnant I was basically an hourglass with a belly. I don’t usually like suspecting women of being pregnant. But with all the mommy makeover stuff… This looks like pregnant.

  29. She has the money to literally do IVF so she can have a girl.

  30. She just needed the last letter to complete her “killr” necklace

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