1. I traded beer for cannabis and lost 50 pounds in a year. No other changes to my diet. You’re welcome, America.

  2. If you can end my hunger I wouldn’t be obese.

  3. Crackdown on Coca-Cola and PepsiCo? That’d be huge

  4. “Eat Fat People” /s

  5. Are we going to do something about companies tossing out perfectly good food?

  6. I’m fat and hungry all the time. I see this as a win/win.

  7. I wish I could write off my personal trainer and gym memberships on my taxes or pre-tax deductions.

  8. Tackling obesity has to be a serious initiative in this country. It’s part of the reason, key word here being part, for why Covid has ravaged the country so much. Americans are just unhealthy overall. The food industry often lobbies against dealing with this, but by tackling obesity we’d also be addressing climate change by reducing emissions via less consumption.

  9. Taxing junk food to subsidize healthy food needs to happen.

  10. I have a modest proposal

  11. He probably stole the plan from Trumps health plan that was ready to be released.


  12. Switch Stomachs!


  13. He’s switching meal plans between the two!! Genius.

  14. More bikes less gas is also congruent with this notion.

  15. It’s going to be disappointing if making cities more walkable isn’t addressed in that report

  16. Biden: [takes sandwich from obese person, gives it to starving person, walks back into White House]

  17. This just sounds like a mass balance problem

  18. I can hear Republicans from here, “The goberment’s not going to tell me what to eat.” Takes bite of donut.

  19. Take food from the fat people, give it to the skinny people.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

  20. I hope they have a plan to permanently continue the pandemic emergency SNAP allotments. Otherwise millions of people are going to be facing a food insecurity cliff when those benefits end.

  21. Pandemic closed down and bankrupt a great amount of restaurants.

    Livestock farms catching on fire causing the price of meat to go up.

    Looks like they are actually accomplishing it.

  22. The only real plan that works is overthrowing capitalism once and for all.

  23. So let’s hear from the potato and rice industries, so we can accommodate what they want. Or maybe that little Scottish restaurant can sponsor it (McD).

  24. Ban high fructose corn syrup, and add a gym to public libraries.

  25. The plan is obvious and simple: eat less to lose some weight, and give your excess food to hungry people. Dark Brandon has spoken.

  26. His plan is already working. Inflation is making food unaffordable 😂

  27. Dark Biden: “BEHOLD! The Impossible Food! Everything is plant-based! Marijuana is Plant-based, and even Ice is plant-based!”

  28. Take food from fat people, give to starving people. You’re welcome.

  29. Take away food from the heavier folks and give it to the starving folks?

  30. Does it involve bugs? It’s bugs isn’t it? It bugs guys, I’m telling you it’s bugs. Its probably Biden’s Bugs, Biden’s Baked BBQ’d Bugs…..That actually sounds pretty good.

  31. Great news. Self control and self discipline are difficult, hopefully this plan gives the tools to deal with that.

  32. Sorry, but this is BS.
    THE OBESE are going to go hungry!! 😀

  33. He will be 90 by then. Why not just release the plan now?

  34. Fuck I don’t know… I feel like I’m going to be pretty hungry to stop being obese

  35. Is the plan making food more and more expensive?

  36. patrick_star_move_over_there.png

  37. I’m really interested in this! How will he end hunger? I wish him success.

  38. Biden bringing sexy back

  39. A major aspect of Biden’s plan to reduce obesity in America entails kicking Trump out of the country.

  40. If people didn’t get the COVID vaccine then they shouldn’t get treatment when they got covid. If you’re obese, do nothing to correct it, then maybe you shouldn’t get those blood pressure pills.

  41. Think the pundits will rip into him and push the public to do the opposite like they did with Barry-O?

  42. Does it involve taking money away from super rich people and giving it to very unrich people?

  43. wow fat shaming now, obesity is hate speech

  44. It’s called recession

  45. You will eat the bugs.

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