1. Even my Maga dad is nervous of Youngkin. He thinks he is gonna mess with his legal weed.

    I’m telling you, if we make wegal leed a more prominent issue we could win some folks over.

  2. Imagine protesting as a kid and hearing that the president is on your side. I would have been so freaking pumped!

  3. *All this “what about the children?!” panic over children who do not give a shit if their classmates are trans*

    Also a video:


  4. As a Virginian, Fuck YoungKKKin

  5. Get ready for talking heads on Fox and right wing media, “kids will use any excuse to get out of class, they don’t actually care! This means nothing!”

  6. Younkin is a fascist. Something about a gold star and Jews, but you know according the the GQP history can be ignored.

  7. As he should.

  8. He has no idea what he’s backing

  9. I’ll wait for word from the White House to confirm whether or not that’s what Biden meant.

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