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2022-08-06 12:36:21

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  1. My first video game crushes consisted of mostly Final Fantasy characters.

    Welcome to the club y’all.

  2. You know the more I look at him the less he looks like a girl, Wich is great for femboy representation.

  3. Making a feminine and attractive character a male and have them wear a scarf that’s almost the bi flag is such a power move that I can’t help but to respect it.

  4. When I first saw how many people were immediately calling him like newest waifu and stuff, my first thought was around goddamn, that is the least revealing outfit possible, and the problem of society/people automatically sexualizing anything remotely feminine.

    This feels like divine retribution lol

  5. Jokes on you! I already thought Bugsy was a girl for decades, so Iโ€™m emotionally ready for this.

  6. Itโ€™s anime. This shouldnโ€™t be the first time theyโ€™ve found themselves in this predicament, nor will it be their last.

  7. I mean it feels like the easy solution here is to simply not spank your meat to children’s cartoon characters like a normal person,