Bethy announces she’s pregnant and shoves newlywed sister…

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  1. Lmao holy shit 🤣 she’s a parody of herself at this point. She couldn’t even give it a full 24 hours before having to one up her newlywed sister?! I was expecting reposts of her first kiss reel, but this is just next level Bethy shit.

  2. Someone told her to wait until after the wedding to announce so she waited until the moment they got back in the car.

  3. Man Dāv looks old in this picture, I guess it’s the stress of parenting two by yourself with another one on the way.

    Birthy is going to be the one of those mothers who expects her daughter to be the best friend she never had, dumps emotionally all over the kid as soon as it’s old enough to talk, and has an absolute and utter meltdown when she isn’t invited to hang out with the preteen/teen peer group. Not to mention the body insecurity.

  4. Baby girl will be named Bethany or Elizabeth so they can call her Bethy and keep the theme of naming the kids after the parents.

  5. The day after her wedding, there’s no reason she had to do that other than to steal the “spotlight”.

  6. she is SOOOOO fucking shameless oh my GOD.
    i need to know what happens behind the scenes because there’s absolutely no way the family hasn’t caught onto it at this point (esp since they read here lmao). i know we speculated about how she’d try to redirect attention to her after the wedding but even this was out of the question for me. not because i didn‘t think she’d be this petty, but because she sat on this announcement for a while and intentionally missed out on a few weeks of pregnancy attention just to post this today… to spite a 22 year old.
    (cmiir – i know she struggled with infertility and i understand that it makes sense to wait a bit longer to announce, but not THIS long, right?)

  7. How will Dav be a girl dad? How is that different than a boy dad? I guess he can interact with different toys (strictly gendered of course), and the diaper changing will look different. But how does the sex of the baby change the underlying dadness?

    Ugh, these boy/girl dad things irritate me almost as much as babysitting your own kid.

  8. This is genuinely so funny and so transparent. Not even 24 hours since her sisters wedding and she announces her pregnancy. Almost artistic

  9. “Can’t wait to see Dav be a girl dad & Davey be a big brother” yeah because once she pops out the kid she’ll abandon her & hide in the bathroom making reels all day, she HATES her family

  10. Ah so this explains the lack of reused wedding reels. She had something better to use for once. I wonder if her sister knew she was going to post literally one day after her wedding?

  11. Wow she really did wait to take her sisters wedding thunder. She’s like 5/6 months pregnant if she’s due in December. I’m all for letting the world know when you’re ready but DAMN same week as your sisters wedding????

  12. Omg. You know sometimes I think we’re being a tad bit harsh about the attention seeking stuff… and then something like this happens lmaooooooo she couldn’t have waited one single more day???

  13. also, „i just gave birth and need time with my family“ is a VERY convenient excuse to shut the page down when – not if – her sheworksshart course flops 💀

  14. Oh shit 😅😅 I get the sense she can barely deal with one child… good luck with two, sweetpea. She and Daeuuuv will have to divide and conquer in order to survive, especially at first, which means she’ll actually have to do stuff without a relief parent bailing her out when she’s le tired 😬😬Honestly it’s hard as fuck for anyone having a toddler and newborn together… but in her case I’m a bit concerned as to how she’ll handle it.

  15. She’d obviously announced to her family and close people some time ago and this is her public announcement. If this only serves as a public announcement, she can’t wait for a minute after her sister got married last night? Tacky, and I’m already sorry for that little girl.

  16. I think majority of us had suspicions, especially when she took an unannounced social media hiatus (which was odd for her, as someone who craves attention and validation)
    Par for Bethy that she would announce right after the wedding. Can’t allow her sister to have her moment. Regardless I hope she is having a healthy pregnancy. Lord help her when that baby is born though. She barely enjoys the child she has.

  17. How old will this one be when she’s sent to the “nursery day school” that Bethy refuses to admit is a daycare?

  18. You mean to tell me not a single person in her life can call her up to tell her to put a lid on it? How do her friends and family just accept this?? She has no shame!

  19. Pregnancy announcement – Right on time immediately after her sister’s wedding not really giving them a chance to enjoy the spotlight for a little bit!

  20. This is so tacky and disgusting. She doesn’t even care for the kid she currently has. And right after you’re sisters wedding? Vile.

  21. “I can’t wait to see Dav be a girl dad” because I will be too busy with reels to pay attention to my own children or clean or cook!! Just Birthy things!!

  22. okay, so I’m new-ish to birthy here. Do we pronounce her husbands name “Dah-v” or “Dave”? Why does she spell it that way, or is that how it’s spelled?

  23. I just found this sub a few days ago and am FASCINATED that you all called this 😂😂😂 I think I’m going to be sticking around this sub