1. How do you know they didn’t park like this in response to the person prior to them parking poorly?

    See “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


  2. The ultimate enemy, undefeatable, can withstand any physical attack:


    # The zip tie.

  3. I love this idea, but is this vandalism?

  4. Always carry knife so you can just cut the zip tie

  5. I quit being annoyed at bad parkers. Because sometimes the car next to them parked poorly so they had to park poorly too. Like dominoes.

  6. Should do the passenger side so they drive away with it before they realize they are an asshole. And leave a note in the cart confirming it.

  7. What I’m getting from this is to never park next to someone who parks like an asshole, because if your still there after their gone, another asshole will do something like this to your car.

  8. Always carry a pair of pliers so u can remove zip ties

  9. Yeah, but you’ll be the one that gets charged with whatever state’s version of “tampering with motor vehicle “for your efforts. Don’t be stupid.

  10. I can never agree with people who stoop down to the level of who they are making fun of. Congratulations, you’re just outassholing the asshole. It does provide good entertainment tho.

  11. Okay…which is the bigger asshole?…the asshole who can’t park for shit, or the asshole who for whatever reason feels like it’s necessary to zip tie a shopping cart to the car to ‘teach him a lesson’?

    Seems like both of these wastes of space need to go get a life….and learn to park properly. It’s not like he’s driving a Ferrari…This is also a good way to get shot by the car owner.

  12. Sometimes, you need to park like an asshole because the asshole before you, was the asshole who fucked up your chance to park normally. (And it sucks when that’s the only parking spot left)

    So can we stop assuming that some people chose to park like a dickhead? It’s basically a domino effect people.

  13. What’s more chicken shit than fuckin with another man’s automobile? You don’t fuckin do it.thats the rules. I had my Malibu in storage for 3 years and some dick less piece of shit keyed it. I wish I could have caught him doing it. It would have been worth it for him to do it if I could have caught him doing it.

  14. Should keep a small chain and padlock on you specifically for those dickheads who take up disabled spots. Zip ties aren’t inconvenient enough for jackass’s like that.

  15. if you used the stainless steel zip ties this would be pure evil

  16. Came to comments to learn new ways to fuck with terrible parkers. Found shit fetish instead.

  17. i genuinely just can’t park sorry

  18. Endgame.

  19. Zip ties and those coloured bands you get at pools, theme parks etc are my two mortal enemies

  20. Better yet: bike lock.

  21. I love this so much

  22. This is totally wrong. Not ethically. But you are leaving comic potential on the table. You need to zip tie the rear passenger door instead so that they drove off with it. Simple as.

  23. Should always put one on the passenger side as well

  24. Oh my God this is fantastic

  25. This is so silly. Put it on the passenger side so maybe they don’t see it and try driving off!

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