1. Any idea why he’s trying to get a French visa when the rmr is hosted in Malta? Easy solution though, S1mple as stand in for Benched Heroes and Headtr1ck stands in on NaVi.

  2. Well fuck it lets bring Furiousss and Ohnepixel

  3. Roster lock already passed so what happens if one of aunkere or calyx can’t make it? They can’t add another after Thomas as sub.

  4. Here’s the thing k23, 1win, and aurora also have visa issues.

  5. Illuminar redemption arc here we go

  6. wtf do they have backup players? I was really looking forward to them playing against NAVI

  7. So Thomas aaaand … who?

  8. man this sucks

  9. Well fuck…

  10. Na’Vi probably bribed a few officials to keep Benched Heroes from making the RMR. They’re scared of facing a real top three team.

  11. I’m not surprised for Aunkere, and you can absolutely expect it to get worse this year still or next year with the mobilisation Putin called for yesterday.

  12. Macron will fix it. He loves esports.

  13. > How the fuck can I even prove to them that I will return to my home?

    Such Visa requirements existed even long before the 2022 shitshow. The easiest way to prove that you’re going to return home and not gonna stay illegally in EU is to provide certificates confirming that you own a property (a house/apartment) in your home country, and perhaps also a ticket back to the home country.

    If you don’t have your own apartment yet, you can ask your parents to assign, like, 1/2 of their apartment to your name. That’s it.

  14. they should just sub me in

  15. very good news. no ruskis in europe regardless reasoning. want to come to europe ? change goverment. concede taken land, pay reparations, charge war criminals. until then no ruskies are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Sad about Calyx. Hope he has time to re-apply.

    As far as Aunkere goesโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

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