Ben Simmons on Shaq: “He always says he’s my LSU brother and…

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Ben Simmons on Shaq: “He always says he’s my LSU brother and all that. If you were my LSU brother you would have reached out by now. He didn’t reach out once and say ‘you okay? what’s going on?’”

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  1. I see both sides of this, tbh. On the one hand, don’t call me your brother if you’re not gonna reach out.

    On the other, shaq probably just says “LSU brother” because the fact that they both went there is his only point of reference.

  2. I’m still surprised just how much Ben got off his chest this podcast. Like he said things you’d only hear from retired players, since their career is over and behind them.

    Whether you agree with what he said or not, I think it’s pretty obvious he needed this release, since he usually is pretty quiet.

  3. Ben’s the kind of dude who complains that people don’t reach out, when they actively avoid people and don’t reach out themselves.

  4. You mean like how your Philly teammates reached out to you to see if you were okay, and you ignored them and changed your number?

  5. This is particularly egregious because by all accounts Ben treated everyone at LSU like shit, and his tenure there was a chore to him.

    Playing college ball was beneath him. The only reason he could stand to go to Baton Rouge for ~ 6months was because he knew his god father would give him a longer leash than any other coach in the country…

    Contrast that with Shaq who **actually** valued his time at the school and still has a great relationship with them and the community.

    I’m not sure how recently Shaq called Ben his “LSU brother” but I doubt that’s a genuine sentiment Shaq has.

  6. Ben Simmons seems like the kind of dude that says “nah man you don’t have to do that” but will be fucking pissed if you don’t.

  7. I will never sympathize with this clown no matter what he says. This man only brought up mental health once his paycheck was threatened to being withheld from him after ghosting his entire team for months, demanding a trade, and then not showing up for work. Some people really go through shit because of mental health all while not having the luxury of staying home and cashing in millions of dollars. But we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? Yeah, fuck that.

  8. Can’t believe people are eating some of this up lol. He’s the only person saying no one reached out. And if they did they didn’t do it fast enough. Grow tf up

  9. Saying you are a brother of someone who went to the same school as you is saying “I’d never outright say something awful about them, because they went to my alma mater, but I don’t have anything else to say about them, let’s move on.”

  10. Ben Simmons was a world class ass hole to everyone at LSU. That is why. I don’t even need to address the NBA saga of nonsense.

  11. Bitch made. That’s what Ben Simmons is that’s it. It’s just this never ending woe is me bullshit with this dude.

  12. This dude does not give a shit about LSU, give me a break. Shaq probably would have reached out if he actually did and didn’t treat LSU as a pit stop on his way to the NBA bench.

  13. Ben Simmons in his room, on the bed, crying, banging his fists on his duvet, wishing Shaq would come in and say something.

  14. A lot of low IQ people in this thread. Ben was referring to Shaq being ignorant about his mental health on TV and mocking him instead of reaching out in an attempt to understand the situation. He says Jay Williams reached out and he has a lot of respect for him for that. He said when it comes to personal situations there should be some level of respect there.

  15. I agree with Ben. Shaq shouldn’t say that unless he’s going to offer a support base. Really liking how honest Ben is in this interview.