1. I think he would be less criticised if he and his family knew when to shut up. He has a small club mentality and can’t shake it. He fights criticism with words but actions don’t back it up, that’s small club mentality.

    I feel bad for the guy. It’s not his fault he cost what he did, it’s not his fault he’s not good enough, and IMO it’s also not really his fault he has the personality he does because if he didn’t he mightn’t be a pro footballer at all – but the people around him need to look out for him. EtH has, the first manager in a long time to do it. His family don’t, they enable him. Southgate hang him out to dry.

    Harry, take a 3 month fake injury break and sign for someone else in January, don’t go to Qatar.

  2. Lies, Beckham got hounded far more after 98 World Cup. Shit they were burning effigies.

    Harry moved to a big club, big club scrutiny comes with it …….. either you can take it or you can’t ……. that’s the high level professional mentality some have or they don’t.

  3. Awful player. Wish he wasn’t. But he is. Far too many weaknesses in his game. Seems to have lost a yard of pace he really couldn’t afford to , lacks communication, doesnt inspire confidence, poor positional awareness, ponderous on the ball, huge turning circle, no responsibility

  4. Don’t get dragged into this Luke.

  5. Play well and the fans will get behind you. Play shit and the fans will get on you. Welcome to being a professional athlete.

  6. When you’re playing like shit for over a year and then you have the audacity to not take any criticism onboard and blame people around you. Wtf do you expect ?

  7. This makes it sound like the criticism is for no real reason, whereas the criticism is due to very poor performances. What else are people going to do, praise his poor performances? The only way to stop criticism is to play well, unfortunately.

  8. He needs to have the Inited captaincy removed, he isn’t up to it at all, might also help him …… remove a burden so to speak

  9. Full text for those who can’t access the website:

    “Luke Shaw says England and Manchester United team-mate Harry Maguire receives more criticism than he has “ever seen before in football”.

    Centre-back Maguire made mistakes in the build-up to two of Germany’s three goals in England’s 3-3 draw on Monday.

    His selection, and place in Gareth Southgate’s starting line-up, has been questioned after he was dropped earlier in the season by United.

    “Harry is an amazing player, an amazing character,” Shaw told BBC Radio 5 Live.

    “He’s taken a lot of stick – probably more than I’ve ever seen before in football.

    “He never hides away, he’s always there. You can have people who can hide away and not want to be in the spotlight. He keeps putting himself in the spotlight, it shows the strength and character he’s got.

    “Everybody knows he’s an unbelievable player. At the moment the confidence might not be there because it could feel like the whole world is against him.

    “It’s tough for him, but us as players and staff are all behind him because he’s a very important player. It shows Gareth’s trust because he’s played in both games [this week] – and look at the Euros what he’s done.

    “People need to understand he’s a big part of the England team and have to accept it.”

    Maguire’s struggle for form for both club and country are not new – the 29-year-old was booed during England’s friendly win over Ivory Coast in March after a difficult period with United.

    The following month, police conducted a sweep of his house after he received a bomb threat.

    Club captain Maguire was also booed during pre-season in Australia, and has made just three Premier League appearances this season.

    But still, England boss Southgate has continued to put his faith in Maguire, though that loyalty has not been repaid in this week’s Nations League matches.

    After the Three Lions’ defeat by Italy on Friday, a result that saw them relegated from their Nations League group, he was rated 3.87 out of 10 on the BBC Sport Player Rater.

    That dropped to 2.58 after the Germany draw at Wembley, a game before which Maguire’s name received a smattering of boos though he had support from a much larger section of England fans prior to his costly mistakes.

    Former England and United defender Rio Ferdinand tweeted during the Germany match: “Feel for Harry… every mistake being punished and scrutinised – comes with the territory though.

    “Needs to be strong mentally to get through this! Playing with no games at this level always leaves you open.”

    Speaking after the Italy match, Maguire said: “To be honest I don’t listen to the noise.

    “I’m Manchester United captain and Manchester United are the most spoken about club in England, so if I listened to the noise, I’d probably be there all day, so I don’t listen to it.

    “I can imagine there’s a lot because I haven’t been playing and I’m a footballer who hasn’t had that in my career to date.

    “I’ve always been a player who has been available and always played in starting XIs, so it’s different for me, something that I don’t want to get used to. But I need to work hard in training and make sure when that chance comes I’m ready.

    “Because that chance will come.”

    ‘Gareth has trust in me’

    Like Maguire, left-back Shaw is not a regular starter for Erik ten Hag’s United and has made just two Premier League appearances so far this campaign – both coming in August.

    Despite his drop to the bench at club level, the 27-year-old featured in both England games this week, coming on as a late substitute against Italy and starting against Germany.

    Monday’s match was England’s last before the World Cup gets under way in Qatar in November.

    “It obviously shows the trust Gareth has in me,” said Shaw.

    “But also from a club respective I know the first two games [this season] weren’t good enough and of course I fully understand the manager has to make decisions. Now the team have been winning we have to bide our time.

    “The only thing I can do is keep supporting the team, keep training hard and of course just wait for my time. If I put my head down and not really care, it will be a bigger hill to climb when I want to play.

    “I’ve got to keep working hard and understand my situation, and it’s up to me to keep working hard and keep training well and hopefully just wait for the chance.”“

  10. He needs to stop his whining and victim mentality. He’s bang average but has a great life…banging bank account, banging missus and you should see his house.

    He needs to shut the fuck up and ignore it instead of getting triggered. Read a self help book you thick cunt.

  11. As far as this season is concerned Maguire isn’t up to the task. For me, the fault lay upon the man who fielded him. Like Ole, Southgate should know better than to play an out of form centre half.

    ETH very quickly sussed out our problem and we’ve been great at the back since dropping him.

    By no means does this mean giving Maguire a pass. He has been complicit in this fuck up, but Southgate had players that would have been more up for it and he put his trust in a demonstrable liability who has carried his dreadful last season form over to this season’s. You can only play somebody through their bad form for so long but at what point do you have to draw the line?

    As far as I’m concerned, Southgate is another Ole. He’s gotten a free ride with a more than decent starting 11 that has the squad depth to save them from pure embarrassment. His European run draws parallels to Ole’s Europa run, and his tactics simply aren’t there.

    I’ll get downvoted and shouted down to bits here but I’m predicting Southgate will get found out in December.

    I saw people here defending Ole when he was jamming results saying the team had character. The team had players that had enough ability to give a mediocre coach a free ride. This England squad is doing the same.

  12. With good reason. Don’t cup your ears against Albania as a message to your own fans and then proceed to be shit for the next 18 months if you don’t like criticism

  13. Oh boo hoo. I’ve seen much worse criticism happen to other players. Remember how Beckham was treated?

    Take some responsibility for your performances instead of blaming others and saying “x manager picked me, so I’m not shit” and “I was in the tott”

  14. Balotelli, Sterling, Alves, Rashford, and countless others have endured racism throughout their careers either online, in the media, or in-person from fans.

    I don’t really mean to compare racism to abuse for poor play because I know it’s not helpful, but I guess I’m just saying, many players have had to overcome hate.

    No player deserves to have to deal with threats on their well-being.

  15. More than ever before seen in football?? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen a Maguire effigy hanging from a noose ala Beckham. The man is being rightly criticised for some dire performances, and statements like this don’t help his case going all ‘woe is me’ when others have been subjected to actual unacceptable acts of criticism

  16. At this point, the only thing he can do to salvage his career is to move to a less high profile club in England or just straight up leave for another league in Europe, Chris Smalling managed to resurrect his career in Italy. this spiral downwards isn’t doing anyone any favours

  17. Doesn’t help that posting Harry M fails is now a social media trend on tiktok

  18. Well yeah he needs to fix his attitude first, comes across as a victim

  19. I feel bad for the guy it really has got out of control. Yes, he doesn’t help himself, trying to deflect the criticism, but what a shit position to be in.

    And, I really like Ole but this is his fault, why the hell he gave Harry the captaincy is beyond me.

    But yeah, sell him 🤣

  20. I am tired of hearing about this guy, please sell him this summer. Too much drama for such a shite player

  21. Compared to what happens in Spain, Portugal and Turkey etc barring the bomb threat, he has gotten off easy being boo’d and some memes is no where near the worst.

  22. I don’t want to be that guy, but multiple England players of a different skin colour get absolutely destroyed just for existing. I remember when Sterling missed a penalty and it seemed like he became the most hated *person* in England for a while with the amount of abuse he got. Maguire will never ever get that level of abuse, he just needs to put his head down and play better

  23. I think this is nonsense. A lot of fans had hope that Harry could pick himself up again with a new manager in Ten Hag, that he could utilize his ball playing abilities again. Notice how there was very little pushback when ETH appointed Harry as captain at the start of the season. The fans really wanted to give Harry a fair shot.

    But when the season started Harry just continued doing what he was doing last season, playing shit. And ETH rightfully dropped him. As Harry said before, he wouldn’t be picked if he was playing so badly. Well, the fact is that Harry is indeed not being picked anymore. ETH has seen enough. And if England had a decent manager he would have seen enough of Harry as well.

  24. Ole took a semi-decent-average player from an average team, paid a shit ton for him, made him captain of the biggest club in world, made him undroppable 🤡. The worst thing you can do to a player out of form is keep playing them week in week out to totally expose them. I feel for the guy. Ole should have benched him and given him time to recover, instead he put insane expectations on a player who doesn’t have that much talent

  25. I think many players have been criticised earlier but for them going to their respective national teams was a break from that (Bale being a recent example of that). However for Harry the criticism hasn’t gone away even when he’s with England. He could’ve done something on the pitch to shut them but last night’s performance only gives them more voices and rightly so. ETH playing a high line means Harry isn’t suitable but if he’s unable to perform at the current 3atb setup with England where there’s a dm in-front of him , then I think he really needs to take a hard look at himself.

  26. Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial would beg to differ.

    One had a paper practically calling him 50mil down the drain the moment he joined. Another was harassed by Souness to no end on the shows.

    I’m not saying it’s not validated. But to claim Harry is harassed worse is a bloody joke. Read the fucking room Harry, be accountable and man up for your shortcomings.

  27. Lol like fuck he is

    He is criticised because he is in fact shit, well below the level he has achieved, and his attitude is grating and antagonistic

  28. Do these footballers believe they are beyond criticism at this point. Maguire and Shaw to of the biggest leakers at Utd and are always pushing blame to teammates, media or fans. Take responsibility and grow up.

  29. He has been awful and make mistakes everytime he steps on the pitch this season. As a captain of the team, he will get even more cristicism than ever as well.

    Thats part of being a professional athlete and captain of one of the biggest club in the world. We saw Rooney got his ass blasted by public during the end of his career in here and I dont remember Rooney give an interview like what Harry have. And that is Wayne freaking Rooney.

  30. Luke can fuck off too

  31. I see these comments from him everyday on twitter. He should let his footballing do the talking instead.

  32. I dont understand anymore why should they still put him in first eleven when obviously the form is not there.
    Its like Manchester united and England team exist for this guy to be playing at. Like there is no one else for that position.
    Seriously tho. Wtf

  33. When he tried to progress and lost the ball for Havertz goal. My heart just sank for him. His confidence is beyond shattered but he’s fighting the wrong fight. Take a step back fix your errors and build on easy steps. Again, I’m just a keyboard warrior 😌

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